Religious Studies Minor

It is impossible to understand even our own Western cultural context without some detailed knowledge of the traditions, influence and rationale of its religious underpinnings. In light of that fact, a Religious Studies minor has been established to provide a focus for discussions of the ethical standards and the cultural orientations which have been fostered by various religions. It is also the objective of this program to provide a background in the religious beliefs of other cultures in order to give students insight into the basis of actions that otherwise might seem merely arbitrary.

Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study which has required one prerequisite course of three hours (RELS 120 Philosophy and Religion; or RELS 201 Religions of the World) and 15 upper-division credit hours selected from courses listed below. The student's selections will be made with approval of the director of the minor.

RELS 120 Philosophy and Religion

RELS 201 Religions of the World

RELS 331 Early Christian and Byzantine Art

RELS 332 The Reformation Era: 1500-1648

RELS 333 Introduction to Gospel Music

RELS 335 Women in Medieval Art and Religion

RELS 337 Islamic Movements in Middle Eastern History

RELS 341 Religion and Literature

RELS 342 Myth and Motif

RELS 346 Bible and Western Tradition

RELS 349 The Bible in/as Literature

RELS 355 Religion and Politics

RELS 360 Myth, Magic, and Mind

RELS 363 Religion in American History 1607-1865

RELS 364 Religion in American History 1865-Present

RELS 365 Introduction to the Qur'an

RELS 385 Philosophy of Religion

RELS 390 Topics in Religious Studies

RELS 401 Religion in Contemporary US Culture

RELS 404 Mystical Writers of the Middle Ages

RELS 440 Religion and Culture

RELS 455 Sociology of Religion

RELS 498 Independent Studies in Religious Studies