David Chatkoff

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office:                     4049 CB
Hours:                     Teaching Summer II
E-Mail:                     chatkoff@umich.edu
Phone:                    (313) 593-5612
Fax:                         (313) 583-6358
Curriculum Vitae:
  David Chatkoff CV (PDF)
Website:                 David Chatkoff

Areas of Specialization:

Association between psychological processes and cardiovascular disease risk, specifically the effects of hostility and stress on cardiovascular reactivity and recovery. Measures of cardiovascular reactivity include heart rate variability and cardiac output.

Biopsychosocial factors in chronic pain, chronic pain management, and comorbidity with cardiovascular disease. Interests include mechanisms linking the two disease processes.

Selected Publications:

  •  Kerns, R. D., Shulman, M., Burns, J. W., Jensen, M. P., Nielson, W. R., Czlapinski, R., Dallas, M., Chatkoff, D. K., Sellinger, J., Heapy, A., & Rosenberger, P. (2013) Can we improve cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic back pain engagement and adherence? A controlled trial of tailored versus standard therapy. Health Psychology. 
  • Leonard, M. T., Chatkoff, D. K., & *Gallaway, M. (2012). Association between pain catastrophizing, spouse responses to pain, and blood pressure in chronic pain patients: A pathway to potential comorbidity. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Chatkoff, D. K., Maier, K. J., & Klein C. (2010). Nonlinear associations between chronic stress and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 77, 150-156
  • Chatkoff, D. K., & Leonard, M. T. (2009) A preliminary investigation of cognitive appraisal, and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery in Arab Americans. Ethnicity and Disease, 19, 258-264
  • Chatkoff, D. K., Maier, K. J., Javaid, J., Hammoud, M., & Munkrishna, P. (2009). Dispositional hostility and gender: An examination of heartrate variability and blood pressure across cognitive and emotional laboratory tasks. Personality and Individual Differences, 47, 122-126.
  • Heapy, A., Sellinger, J., Higgins, D., Chatkoff, D., Bennett, T. C., & Kerns, R D.(2007). Using interactive voice response to me a sur e pa in and quality of life. Pain Medicine, 8, SI45-S154.
  • Hoffman, B., Papas, R., Chatkoff, D. K., Kerns, R (2007). Meta-analysis of psychological interventions for chronic low ba ck pain. Health Psychology, 26, 1-9