Change of Program, Major, or Minor

Declare, delete, or change major (or areas of focus in General Studies or Liberal Studies), or minor.

Declaration of Certificate

Declare or delete certificate program.

Declaration of Pre-Professional Attribute

Use this form to declare (for informational and advising purposes only) a pre-professional attribute, such as pre-law, pre-med, etc.

Guest Application

Required to take a course at another college or university. Turn form in at Enrollment Services, 1169 UC. Due to residency issues, you should meet with an academic advisor before you register as a guest.

Independent Study Contract

Student and instructor document what will be done by the student to earn credit for an independent study or independent research course.


Request exceptions to policy such as: waiving foreign language requirement; substituting one course for another; late dropping a course after the selective drop deadline; or, retroactively withdrawing from a semester.


Submit if you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student but did not graduate, have been away for a calendar year or more, and now wish to re-enroll as an undergraduate student.


Use to register, add or selectively drop courses in person at Enrollment Services.

Request to Exceed 18 Credit Hours

Request permission to enroll in more than 18 credit hours.  Students requesting such permission are expected to have a 3.00 or higher GPA at UM-Dearborn.

Time Conflict

Request permission to be enrolled in two courses that overlap slightly.


Submit completed form to Registration and Records (1169 UC) by closing time on the official last day of classes for any term in which you wish to withdraw from all courses in which you are enrolled.