Our Consultants

Sara Arnold

I am a sophomore here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn working on a psychology degree at the moment, but it is likely to change to English or Journalism and Screen Studies due to my passion for writing. I absolutely love to write and help people, so now I have an opportunity to do both! I am passionate about poetry and the creative aspect of writing, but I enjoy other forms of writing as well. Last winter semester, I won first place for the Writing Program's contest in the Community category for an ethnography (like investigative journalism). When I am not in the Writing Center, I am working one of my other jobs, listening to music, or finding time to write poetry, take pictures, and hang out with family and friends.

Loran Ball

I am a senior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and I am pursuing an English major, and I have a minor in Philosophy. Writing is something I have always enjoyed. As a child, I would often submit pieces I wrote to the Reflections competition, and even now I still enjoy writing short stories and poetry, as well as essays in and out of the classroom. Taking an English major was something I was thoroughly convinced I wanted to do towards the end of my senior year in high school when I realized that the art form that is writing is something that can be used to embody any number of ideas in a style that is as personal as the ideas themselves are to the individual writing. It is in writing where people are free to create and analyze the world around them and the world in them. Ideas and new ways of thinking are something paramount to my own lifeówhich is why I chose to pursue a philosophy minoróand because I want to be able to infuse and extract philosophy into my own writing and from other people's writing. It is because of all this that the Writing Center is something that I am so excited about; I will be allowed to learn from the same people that I am assisting.

Matelyn Biggs

I am a sophomore here at UM-D, looking forward to earning my Secondary Education Degree with a major in English and a minor in Computer Information and Science. Iíve volunteered at elementary schools across Wayne County for years, and the Writing Center was just the next natural step for me. Iím now going into my third semester here at the Writing Center, working on earning a Writing Certificate, participating in the Society of Leadership and Success, and still loving my job tremendously. Rubrics may be intimidating and a starting point inconceivable, but donít fret; there is always a solution! I am privileged to share my love and knowledge of writing and help my peers in their quest to get their thoughts down effectively. I canít wait to meet and learn from you all!

Zachary Bruck

Hello! I am a Junior here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and I am studying for a Computer Science Major.  I am a transfer student, so this is my first semester here at UMD.  However, this is not my first semester as a writing tutor, as I tutored writing for a number of semesters at my previous college.  I enjoy helping people with their writing.  I feel good when I can explain a difficult concept to a writer in a way so that they can finally understand that concept. On a more personal level, I have a number of interests and hobbies.  I am a violinist, and have been for 11 years.  I currently play as part of the music ministry at my home church.  I am also a football fan, and one can often find me in front of a TV on a Sunday afternoon.  Go Lions! (oh...and GO BLUE!)

Jerrice Donelson

Greetings UMD-ers! I am a senior in Education majoring in English and obtaining the Writing Certificate. My focus is on teaching writing across the curriculums utilizing technology and social media as a tool to "merge the voices" of student writers. I am a multi-faceted geek by nature with a fascination of all things science, technology and The Arts (being a former violinist, cellist and pianist doesn't help). I am a movie fan of real horror flicks, documentaries and superhero or fantasy films (Twilight Free zone) who enjoys a good story. I do not consider myself a "writer", but as a student writer (who bleeds Maize n Blue), I do share in the joy you get when you submit a paper that you are confident will say everything you want and need it to say in your own words. Unlike finding a parking spot at CASL, this is not an impossible feat, and I believe with the right help you too can reach this assignment nirvana - one draft at a time.

Ali Reda Jeafar

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and am currently pursuing a double major degree in History and Philosophy. I'm not quite sure what my minor will be as of yet; only time will tell. But for the time being, I am absolutely thrilled that I am able to work in the writing center at U of M-Dearborn because writing has always been a very strong passion of mine; so much so that, in fact, I went ahead and published my very own book called "Peaceful War" while I was still in high school. I had started writing the book back when I was a freshman in high school, and it took me until the beginning of my senior year to finally have it all done and published. It was an amazing accomplishment that I and my parents are immensely proud of. I hope to carry on my love for writing into the writing center, and hopefully with some luck, inspire others to either publish their own books or pursue a career in writing if that is something that they love doing. If there's something I love doing almost as much as writing, its being of some help to people in some way, and working at the writing center will allow me to do just that.

Alexandra Kaniaris

Aaron Kipfmiller

I'm new to University of Michigan-Dearborn, having transferred in as a junior. However, I'm definitely not new to the Writing Center scene. I spent several semesters as a Writing Consultant at my previous college. For me, Writing Centers have always created such a positive learning environment that I knew I wanted to work in one when I got to Dearborn. I've always had a love for writing as well. My bookshelves are filled with classic novels, and I find writing an essay to be fun. I even hope to publish a literary work someday. I am currently studying political science, as well as pursuing a secondary teaching certificate for English and Social Studies. Outside of school, I am an avid football fan, spending my weekends on the couch screaming at my teams, as well as a runner, pianist, and movie geek. I'm looking forward to working with you in the Writing Center!

Chene Koppitz

As someone with dual majors in Communications and Gender Studies, my interest in working in the Writing Center is immense. Iím most excited to work with my fellow students, both as colleagues and as clients of the Center. All opportunities students, faculty and staff have to interact with each other in positive, productive ways will only help the campus toward becoming a true community. Iím a former film and music publicist and Community Events Director for the Triangle Foundation, one of Michiganís largest LGBT and Allied organizations. While Iím a former New Yorker, I was born and mainly raised in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. My campus involvement includes Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) and the D-Tab committee, which was assembled to aid transfer students as they acclimate to UMD. A huge fan of Detroitís music and culture, I can be found at Derby Girls bouts, the Detroit Film Theatre or any of our cityís many musical venues whenever I can be.

Matthew Read

My name is Matt Read. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan- Dearborn studying Business, specifically in the area of Finance. I hope to continue my schooling in Law and work in a corporate law setting. Writing just recently became a passion of mine, which I attribute to an inspiring professor at this university. I have found how important writing is to the expansion of thought and ideology and what a useful tool it is between peers to learn. I am a huge outdoor sports guy. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, running, and above all else, baseball. I am thrilled to be able to be working in the Writing Center, and I look forward to hearing everyone's story and how they tell it.

Katelin Smith

Hello! Iím Kate, and Iím currently a junior at University of Michigan-Dearborn, studying Criminal Justice. However, that is likely to change to something that involves Business Administration and Writing. I have an associates from Schoolcraft Community College, which I earned before graduating high school. I find that organization is immensely important when it comes to writing a paper or a story. If the writer has a clear plan to follow when writing the paper, it can improve the paper tremendously. When a person is writing, itís a process, and I hope to help students understand that process better so they may become better writers themselves. I may be new at the Writing Center, but Iím absolutely ecstatic to be working here! I have enjoyed writing since I was very young, and I spend most of my free time reading, writing, and drawing. I hope to become a published author someday, but one step at a time! Feel free to stop by and make an appointment--I would be happy to help!

Michel Turcas

Hi! My name is Michel, and Iím an English Major currently in my Junior year here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In addition to being a writing consultant, I am also an editor of the Lyceum, UM-Dís premiere creative arts journal. Iím an avid reader of the Fantasy genre with aspirations of becoming a published novelist, and as such, Iíve studied writing both formally and informally for years. I also intend to one day teach creative writing at the college levelówith a focus on narrative storytelling. As you might be able to tell, writing is something Iím passionate about, and I hope to use that passion to help students bring out the best in their own writing. If thereís anything I can do to help you, please donít hesitate to ask!


Michael Vail-Steele

I'm a senior here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, working on a marketing degree. This will be my second year working in the writing center, and I've enjoyed just about every minute of it. I read and watch a lot of different genres, shows, and movies and can usually be found geeking out over new plot twists or endings. Some other unique stuff about me is my background in improvisational theater and mastery of puns. When it comes to the writing process I enjoy watching assignments evolve and change as the thoughts and ideas behind them become better developed.