For Students

Students, Visit the Center!

We encourage all students, including accomplished writers, to consider a visit to the Center a part of their writing process. Consultants are not editors, but rather experienced readers able to offer students guidance on a range of issues relevant to improving their communication effectiveness.

First and foremost, our goal in each consultation is to help you learn something that you will be able to use in the future. As we all know, unless a student does their own work they will not learn. As consultants therefore we will work diligently with you on concerns related to many different aspects of the writing process, but we cannot simply edit your papers or projects for you.  We sometimes hear from students, "You have to get me an A on this paper!" Obviously, while we cannot do someone's work for him/her or guarantee a certain grade, we can almost always guarantee that you will leave a consultation with a paper that has improved (usually significantly), and with greater awareness about how to approach writing projects more effectively in the future.

What services can I expect from the Writing Center? The Center offers support in all stages of the writing and research process. Consultants can help students:

*  Understand assignment goals

*   Articulate and organize ideas

*  Formulate an approach to an assignment

*   See the need for additional evidence

*  Develop confidence for new writing tasks

*   Generate revision strategies

*  Be aware of audience, purpose, and context

*   Identify and use appropriate resources

*  Develop a focus/thesis

*   Improve control of grammar and mechanics

*  Become more skilled in using APA, MLA, Chicago, and other documentation styles

As a student, what do I need to do before coming to the Writing Center?

  • Clarify any questions you have about the assignment with your professor; if you are coming to work on a previously graded piece, get feedback from the professor before you start revising

  • Read through your draft or graded paper, writing down your thoughts, questions, and ideas as you read

  • Bring to your appointment: the assignment sheet, syllabus, class notes, relevant books, sources, and a draft (if you have begun one; typed & double spaced is best)

 How do I make an appointment? We try to accommodate drop-ins, but we prefer that students make appointments. You can use our online scheduling system to make an appointment today.

At busy times of the semester (i.e., during mid-terms and during finals) consulting sessions are by appointment only.

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