About Us

Research shows that attaining a college degree is one of the most effective ways to increase earnings and improve one’s standard of living. However, attending and graduating from college is not just a tangible way to become economically secure, it also enriches lives, increases self-confidence, and models the importance of education for families and communities.

The CASL SOAR program provides a pathway for returning adult learners to attend UM-Dearborn who would not be able to do so without the financial and academic support the program offers. Students in SOAR are generally referred to the university by local human service agencies, community organizations, or community colleges. First year SOAR students attend part-time, receive a tuition reduction, and get assistance with purchasing textbooks.  Students also benefit from academic and personal support that continues throughout their tenure as UM-Dearborn students.


Additional advantages of attending UM-Dearborn as a SOAR student:

  •  Mentoring by peers, faculty, and staff
  •  Specialized academic skills workshops and student support workshops
  •  Assistance with finding and navigating campus and community resources
  • Ongoing collaboration between SOAR students, faculty, and community partners
  • Opportunities for academic enrichment
  •  Engagement with a cohort of other non-traditional adult learners