Spotlight on Student Work

During Winter 2012, Sara Arnold conducted an ethnography as part of Prof. William DeGenaro's Composition 106 class. Sara crafted a beautiful piece of creative non-fiction, combining genre conventions of the "feature story" with genre conventions of the "ethnography" to create a wholly original, engaging piece of work.

Link to Sara Arnold's Work (PDF)

As a final project in COMP 106, taught by Prof. Amelie Welden in the fall of 2009, students chose an area of inquiry and explored it by writing in five different genres of their choice. The overall goal of the assignment was to apply writing, research and argument skills to compose for multiple audiences, purposes and contexts. In this piece, Hannah Redigan negotiates filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

 Link to Hannah Redigan's work (PDF)

As part of a research and fieldwork assignment for a fall 2009 section of COMP 106 taught by Prof. Anne-Marie Yerks, students transcribed sections of a personal interview to create a profile. In this piece, Samantha Shanaberger learns about labor unions from a family friend. 

Link to Samantha Shanaberger's work (PDF)

In response to a reading in Prof. Anne-Marie Yerks’s winter 2009 section of COMP 106 about how young people use technology, Tiffany Foxworth explores the text message as a form of communication.

Link to Tiffany Foxworth's work (PDF)