Alumni Spotlight

Just who is a typical CASL graduate?  The simple answer is that there is no such person.  CASL alumni have a diverse range of skills, talents, experiences, and goals.  By “spotlighting” someone every other month, we hope to introduce you to our diverse group of alums ... and maybe you'll see a familiar face.

Name:  Steven Hernandez

Degree, discipline, graduation year:  B.A. in History and Anthropology, 2004

What are your current job responsibilities and/or volunteer activities?  I work for Michigan Consumers for Healthcare where I am the Project Director for the Voices For Better Health Project (a state wide policy and advocacy effort to improve conditions for persons who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid), and also the Development and Outreach Coordinator. In that capacity I research and write grants and provide financial management.

Does your career/volunteer work relate to what you studied at UM-Dearborn or is your degree in a totally different field?  My work definitely relates to what I studied at UM-D. Because of the amount of community outreach and research that is required in my role, my degree has helped a great deal! Understanding how cultural issues and conflicts developed has helped me to more authentically connect with the communities I am trying to serve.

Looking back at the classes you took, pick out one of your favorites and tell why.  When I had the opportunity to provide support to an Anthropology 101 class, it was the first time I was able to present on research of my own, provide feedback to students and deliver a lecture, those experiences set me on my path to working in the non-profit sector.

If there was a “favorite” professor(s), let us know and why.  Professor Hershock – as his excellent lecturing style and genuine desire to provide a great lesson to his students always made for a tremendous learning experience. In terms of content – a number of times throughout my life what I learned from him has given me context to understand the world around me.