Temporary Hold for CASL Students/Faculty Advisors

CASL Students on temporary hold during the Fall 2015 semester for registration Winter 2016:

  • Undecided students with 25+ completed hours.
  • Students with 60+ completed hours but without areas of focus declared for Liberal Studies major, or Bachelor of General Studies degree.
  • CASL Opportunity Scholars admitted Fall 2015 or Fall 2014.
  • Students with the following CASL majors: (If you have questions contact the discipline coordinator listed)
    • Art History-Prof. Ng, 3041 CB, dmng@
    • Biology-Prof. Saillant, 229 ASC, jsaillian@
    • Biochemistry-Prof. Smith, 111 ASC, sheilars@
    • Chemistry-Prof. Smith, 111 ASC, sheilars@
    • Earth Science-Prof. Murray or Prof. Napieralski, 117 and 115 ASC, kmurray@ and jnapiera@
    • Environmental Science-Prof. Riebesell, 231 ASC, ecology@
    • Environmental  Studies-Prof. Gelderloos, 211 ASC, ogg@
    • French-Prof. Eschrich, 2019 CB, geschric@
    • Hispanic Studies- Prof. Carlos Rodriguez-McGill, 3109 CB, cerodrig@ 
    • International Studies-Prof. Jorge Gonzalez del Pozo, 3099 CB, jorgegdp@

Please watch your UM-D email for information on how to schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor.  Plan to schedule early.