Lisa Martin

Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies & Health Policy Studies

Office:                        2039 CB
Hours:                        WI15 M: 1:00-2:00pm, W: 10:00-11:00am                                             or by appointment
Phone:                       (313)-593-6562
Fax:                            (313) 583-6358 
Curriculum Vitae:
      Lisa Martin CV (PDF)

Programs and Affiliations:

Women's and Gender Studies, Health Policy Studies, Behavioral Sciences

PhD Institution:

University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Health Behavior Health Education, 2010

Courses and Teaching Interests:

Intro. Women's and Gender Studies, Gender and Health, Perspectives in Women's Health, U.S. Reproductive Health Policy, Gender and Mental Health, Health Behavior and Health Education, Social Determinants of Health, Feminist Research Methods.

Research Fields/Interests:

Stigma, Gender and Health, Mental Health, Men and Depression, Reproductive Justice, Reproductive Health Policy, Family Planning,  Health Disparities, Mixed Methods Research.

Selected Publications:

  •  Martin, L.A., Griffith, D.M., and Neighbors, H.W. (2013) Do Men Experience Different Symptoms of Depression Than Women? Analysis of the National Comorbidity Survey-Replication. JAMA Psychiatry, 70(10),1100-1106.<o:p></o:p>
  • Martin, L., Debbink, M., Hassinger, J., and Harris, L. (2011) Abortion - Possible and Impossible: Stigma and the Narratives of the Ghanaian Doctors Who Perform Abortions. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 17 (3), 79-87.  
  • Harris, L.H., Debbink, M., Martin, L.A., Hassinger,J. (2011) Dynamics of Stigma in Abortion Work: Findings from a Pilot Study of the Providers Share Workshop. Social Science and Medicine, 73(7),1062-1070.
  • Hodges, K., Martin, L., Smith, C., Cooper, S. (2011). Recidivism, Costs, and Psychological Outcomes for a Post Arrest Juvenile Diversion Program. Journal for Offender Rehabilitation, 50(7),447-465.
  • Jackson, JS, Neighbors HW, Torres, M, Martin, LA, Williams, DR, Baser, R. (2007) The Prevalence of Mental Health Services Use and Satisfaction With Treatment among Black Caribbean Immigrants: Results from the National Survey of American Life (NSAL) The American Journal of Public Health, 97,(1)52-59.