College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Internships & Co-op Education

Cooperative Education in the College of Arts, Sciences & Letters is an academic program founded in UM-Dearborn's commitment to "excellence in teaching and learning." It promotes liberal arts learning and career/personal development through student participation in paid, professional employment.

Criminal Justice Studies Internships are designed to provide field experience for Criminal Justice majors. Actual field experience will provide students with valuable tools to help them succeed in their chosen field.

Economics Internship Program

The Economics Internship, which appears in the course schedule as ECON 498, offers students field experiences with businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. The placement allows students to get hands-on experience applying the tools of economic analysis to specific job and project assignments.

Environmental Studies Internship Program

The solutions to the current environmental problems are complex and require teamwork and understanding between specialists and generalists in many disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree program focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problem solving at the local, regional and international levels. Students in the program have the opportunity to complete an internship with different companies focused on the environment.

The Humanities Concentration is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the LCC and LPA departments. Students design an individualized course of study combining several disciplines in the LCC and LPA departments as well as History and other college-wide programs.

The Ottawa Internship Program is designed to provide first-hand experience with the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. Students will work in a Member of Parliament's office for a period of five weeks.The program combines field experience with enrichment seminars dealing with a wide variety of issues tangential to Canadian politics.

Psychology Internship Program

Juniors and seniors can obtain practical experience working under supervision in a setting relevant to psychology. Internship students will spend 6 or 12 hours per week at their field placement and will attend a weekly seminar on campus.

Public Affairs Internship Program is designed to provide an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on training in the workplace, a placement site tailored to the interests of the students, leadership training experience, recommendations for Law or Graduate School or future employment, visible and unique work experiences.

Urban and Regional Studies Internship Program

The URST Internship, which appears in the course schedule as URST 485, offers students field experiences with businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies.