Health Psychology

The Master of Science in Health Psychology is a graduate degree offered by the Behavioral Sciences Department in the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters (CASL) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. This two-year program is designed for the research-oriented student, providing intensive training in research methods typically used in health and behavioral medicine.  The program incorporates classwork in program development and program evaluation methods, as well as epidemiology. All coursework is designed to focus on topics relevant to the overall healthcare industry, ultimately providing the student with the ability to design research that improves health care delivery to the general population.  

This program is intended for several types of students:  

  • Students who would like to continue graduate training in a research-related field with an emphasis on healthcare,
  • Medical professionals who may wish to continue their education from a biopsychosocial perspective on a part-or full-time basis, and
  • Individuals who require a graduate degree to advance in their career or educational goals.

This program is not intended to fulfill the course requirements for the Michigan Limited License in Psychology.

The 39-credit program consists of eight required courses (24 credits) in core areas of Health Psychology. Students will also complete either a three credit project or six credit thesis under the supervision of program faculty. The remaining nine to twelve credits will be composed of elective courses focusing on one or more content areas.