Bowlin, Melissa

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Office:                             235 ASC
Hours:                             T 9:30-10:30
Phone:                            (313) 583-6419
Fax:                                 (313) 593-4937
Curriculum Vitae:           Melissa Bowlin CV

PhD Institution:

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, 2007

Courses Taught:

Comparative Animal Physiology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Introductory Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

Research Fields/Interests:

Ecophysiology of Bird Migration

Selected Publications:

Muijres, F.T., Bowlin, M.S., Johansson, L.C., and A. Hedenström. Vortex wake, downwash distribution, aerodynamic performance and wingbeat kinematics in slow-flying pied flycatchers. Accepted in Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Bridge, E.S., Thorup, K., Bowlin, M.S., Chilson, P.B., Diehl, R.H., Fléron, R.W., Hartl, P., Kays, R., Kelly, J. F., Robinson, W. D., and M. Wikelski. 2011. Technology on the move: Recent and forthcoming innovations for tracking migratory birds. Accepted in Bioscience.

Bowlin, M. S., Bisson, I-A., Shamoun-Baranes, J., Reichard, J. D., Sapir, N., Marra, P. P., Kunz, T. H., Wilcove, D. S., Hedenström, A., Guglielmo, C. G., Åkesson, S., Ramenofsky, M., and M. Wikelski. 2010. Grand challenges in migration biology. Integrative and Comparative Biology 50:261-279.

Bowlin, M. S. †, Henningsson, P. †, Muijres, F. T. †, Vleugels, R. H. E., Liechti, F., and Hedenström, A. 2010. The effects of geolocator drag and weight on the flight ranges of small migrants. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1:398-402. †Joint first authors.

Bowlin, M. S., and M. Wikelski. 2008. Pointed wings, low wingloading and calm air reduce migratory flight costs in songbirds. PLoS ONE 3:e2154.

Cochran, W. W., Bowlin, M. S., and M. Wikelski. 2008. Wingbeat frequency and flap-pause ratio during natural migratory flight in thrushes. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 48:134-151.

Thorup, K., Bisson, I., Bowlin, M. S., Holland, R. A., Wingfield, J. C., Ramenofsky, M., and M. Wikelski. 2007. Evidence for a navigational map stretching across the continental U.S. in a migratory songbird. PNAS 104:18115-18119.