Kochoff Language Lab

The Kochoff Foreign Language Media Lab has 24 workstations (including a monitor and tutor station), a laserjet printer, overhead LCD projector and a tv viewing area.  Student lab assistants monitor the Lab and provide assistance to visitors. 

Foreign language faculty and student tutors (in Arabic, French, German and Spanish) are available on a walk-in basis according to a tutor schedule.  During summer term, only a Spanish tutor is available during Lab hours.

Winter Term 2016
Lab Hours 

       Monday - Thursday:  8:30am - 6:00pm 

       Friday:      9:00am  - 1:00pm


Foreign Language Resources

Many foreign language resources are available in the Lab including:

  • audio and video course materials
  • foreign language writing assistant programs
  • foreign language videos and dvds
  • voice recording system
  • webcams with Skype
  • reference library
  • tutors

Link to Lab Calendar

Tutor Schedules




Lab Director:   Liana McMillan, 313-593-4942, 

Kochoff Language Lab     3065CB      313-583-6543