Next Generation's Leaders

Program Director:  Georgina Hickey

The University of Michigan-Dearborn offers the MPA degree under the authority of the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. The program is designed to serve a diverse student body representative of a variety of human service organizations. MPA students are mainly mid-career administrators committed to learning and developing as individuals and professionals. Seminars are conveniently offered in evenings or online to accommodate working administrators. The seminars are designed to promote extensive sharing of professional experiences and the examination of issues important to contemporary administration.

The MPA curriculum emphasizes practical skills and information from a range of governmental, nonprofit and educational organizations. The classes are designed to develop technical administrative skills and competencies in leadership, finance, personnel, planning, and evaluation. Given the diversity of candidate backgrounds and the agencies represented, MPA candidates are encouraged to develop their ability to work in a variety of organizational settings and with a diverse group of individuals.

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