Anderson, R. Warren

Assistant Professor of Economics

Office:                     2270 SSB        
Hours:                    TW 5:00-5:30pm
Phone:                    (313) 583-6712       
Curriculum Vitae:
   R. Warren Anderson CV (PDF)

PhD Institution:

Economics, George Mason University, 2011

Courses Taught:

Principles of Microeconomics; Principles of Macroeconomics; American Economic History; Economic History; Money and Banking; Math and Economics; International Economics

Research Fields/Interests:

Economic History; Portuguese Economic History; Public Choice; Experimental

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Working Papers:

> “Lisbon and Evora Tribunal Inquisitorial Punishments” [View PDF]

> “Rent Seeking and the Treaty of Methuen [View PDF]

> “Measuring the Portuguese Inquisition” [View PDF]

> “The Portuguese Inquisition Sentencing Trends” [View PDF]

> “Direct European-Asian Trade and Migration,” with Claudia Rei

> “The Inquisition and Scholarship” [View PDF]

> “The God of Your Fathers” [View PDF]

> "From the Persecuting to the Protective State? Jewish Expulsions and Weather Shocks from 1100 to 1800" with Mark Koyama and Noel Johnson [View]
Summary featured in the Times of Israel [View]