CASL Spotlight

New apppointments for 2013-2014

Mitchel Sollenberger, associate professor of political science, has been named Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Integrative Learning at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In his new role, Sollenberger will oversee the development of undergraduate programs and the entities and activities that comprise resources for teaching and learning.  He will co-chair the new University Curriculum and Degree Committee and work with senior colleagues, as well as faculty and staff, on a variety of projects that are vital to ensuring quality academic programming and strategic development in the arena of undergraduate education.  

Sollenberger is a prolific scholar. In addition to three books, his publications include several articles and book chapters. According to Provost Kate Davy, "He has been rewarded for his administrative abilities by being asked to do evermore administrative tasks for his discipline of political science, the Department of Social Sciences, the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, and the university.  Most recently, he played a pivotal role as a member of the Governance Advisory Group for the College of Education, Health, and Human Services, which was charged with developing by-laws for the new college."


Welcome 11 new CASL faculty members

  • Joshua Akers, assistant professor, geography and urban and regional studies
  • Anda Botoseneanu, assistant professor, health policy studies
  • John Chenoweth, assistant professor, anthropology
  • William Clarkson, assistant professor, physics
  • Michael MacDonald, assistant professor, comp and rhetoric
  • Emily Matthews-Luxon, assistant professor, political science
  • Michael Morris, assistant professor, biology
  • Anna Muller, assistant professor, history
  • Xiaohua Li, assistant professor, chemistry
  • Brenda Whitehead, assistant professor of psychology
  • Yunus Zeytuncu, assistant professor, mathematics