Turfe Distinguished Lecture Series

The Turfe Lecture is a series of visits by distinguished mathematicians, made possible by a generous donation by Al Turfe, lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


Upcoming 2015 Events

Alexander Powell, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Mathematics at Vanderbilt University, and recipient of Vanderbilt's Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, will present the 2015 Turfe Lecture:

Algorithms for analog-to-digital conversion

Analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion is the process that allows a digital device (such as an iPhone) to capture, transmit, and store analog signals (such as video or audio).  This talk will address mathematical aspects of the analog-to-digital conversion process in the settings of frame theory and compressed sensing.

Frame theory uses a set of frame vectors to discretely represent a signal in terms of its frame coefficients.  Frame expansions and dual frames allow one to reconstruct a signal from its frame coefficients -- the use of redundant or overcomplete frames ensures that this process is robust against noise and other forms of data loss.  Although frame expansions provide discrete signal decompositions, the frame coefficients generally take on a continuous range of values and must also undergo a lossy step to discretize their amplitudes so that they become amenable to digital processing and storage.  This analog-to-digital conversion step is known as quantization.   We shall give an introduction to the class of Sigma-Delta quantization algorithms for finite frames and for sparse nonlinear representations in compressed sensing.


Thursday, March 12; 4:00-5:00 p.m.; Mary Kochoff Auditorium (1030 CB)

University of Michigan-Dearborn (click here for directions)

 Free and open to the public.


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