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Celebrate Engineering and Computer Science at UM-Dearborn
March 4, 2015, 1-4pm in Kochoff Hall, University Center
Let's all join together to celebrate Engineers' Week and show our campus who we are
  • Display/Demonstrate your project: either from ENGR100, Senior Design or other source to fellow students
  • Demonstrations by the Formula SAE group, Intelligent Systems (robotics) group and by the Game Design club
  • Participate in Hands-on Engineering and Computer Science as presented by our own Student Organizations
  • Investigate the different branches of Engineering and Computer Science as presented by CECS students, alumni and others
If you have something to display: this is for you as a showcase of your hard work!!
If you are still searching: this is for you, to discover the engineer or computer scientist in you!!
Individual or Group project registration. Please register your project under 1 name only.