Electrical and Computer
Engineering Department
Faculty and Staff
Department Chair
Yi Lu Murphey, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

Phone: (313) 593 - 5028
Faculty Members
Selim Awad, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-5523
Chris Mi, Ph.D.
Professor and Fellow of IEEE

Phone: (313)583-6434
Paul Richardson, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-5560
Adnan Shaout, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593 - 5308
M. Shridhar, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-3595, (313) 593-6761
Dongming Zhao, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-5527
Ali EL Kateeb, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5115
Taehyung Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 583-6736
Sridhar Lakshmanan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5516
Hafiz Malik, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5677
John Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

N. Natarajan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5364
Paul Watta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5526
Weidong Xiang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5525
Alex (Ya Sha) Yi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: 583-6318
Wencong Su, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Phone: 593-5314
M. H. Miller, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

S. Murtuza, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Jung Me Park, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Jesse Cross
Technical Support

Michael Hicks
Academic Records Assistant Intermediate

Phone: (313) 593-5420
Mariann Brevoort
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (313) 593-5420
Ron Thompson
Desktop Support Specialist

Name Title Email
Mohamad Berri Lecturer I
Gary Crosbie Lecturer I
David Daniszewski Lecturer I
Sergey Gladyshev Lecturer I
Tarek Lahdhiri, Ph.D. Lecturer I
Imad Makki Intermittent Lecturer
Md Abul Masrur Intermittent Lecturer
Jung Me Park, Ph.D. Intermittent Lecturer
Larry Sieh Lecturer II
Herbert Kaufman, Ph.D. Lecturer II
Mark A. Steffka Lecturer II
Mark Zachos Lecturer I