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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE is a technical professional society for engineers, computer scientists and technology professionals with student branches established at leading universities around the world. The IEEE Student Branch at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a student organization on campus. This Student Branch was revived by several dedicated engineering students in the school year 2003-04. Currently, the UMD IEEE is a very active student organization and is striving to achieve the reputation of the largest technical/professional student organization at UMD.


Website: http://sites.ieee.org/sb-umichigan/

The Association for Computing Machinery

Founded in 1947, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology, serving both professional and public interests by fostering the open interchange of information and by promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.


Here at the University of Michigan - Dearborn (UM-D), we established a new student chapter in 1995. Our only requirements for membership are an interest in computing and some connection to UM-D.


The student chapter of ACM is committed to providing members with an unparalleled and fun learning environment. One of our teams finished in the Top 25 at the 2002 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Our student chapter hosts MPCon, the largest LAN Party in the State of Michigan.


Website: http://acm.umd.umich.edu

Eta Kappa Nu

Eta Kappa Nu is an honor society that is for electrical and computer engineering. Eta Kappa Nu was founded in 1904 by Maurice Carr at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, however the Theta Tau Chapter, at the University of Michigan - Dearborn, was not founded until 1981. The members of the Theta Tau Chapter have dedicated themselves to improving their school, their community, and the engineering field. They strive towards this goal through community service and by providing services to students.


Website is http://hkn.umdcoursewiki.com/site/


Honor societies are associations of primarily collegiate members and chapters whose purposes are to encourage and recognize superior scholarship and/or leadership achievement either in broad fields of education or in departmental fields at either undergraduate or graduate levels.


Website: http://www-personal.engin.umd.umich.edu/~tbp

Dearborn Campus Engineers

Dearborn Campus Engineers was established in 1961 to provide a strong social and academic environment for University of Michigan-Dearborn Engineering students. Today, we are the oldest and largest organization on campus, and have members from all colleges within the University, as well as other local colleges and universities.


Members receive discounts on DCE social events such as Sccop 'N Shoot and trips to the movies. We host on-campus events as well, such as Euchre Tournements and Movie Nights. Members also have access to our archive of old test files. The cost to join is $5 for new members, and $1 per semester to renew.


We also have a variety of snacks and beverages for sale. The DCE is located in Room 185 in the Engineering Building. We can also be reached via email by following the link to the left.


Website: http://dce.umd.umich.edu

Intelligent Systems Robotics Club

The Intelligent Systems club is dedicated to facilitating engineers of all majors to get hands on experience with fabricating autonomous robots for a variety of purposes, building robots to plow snow, do airborne reconnaissance, drive through an obstacle coarse, and more. Great for resume building and having fun, we are in room 184B in the Engineering Lab Building, and have weekly meetings at 6:30 PM. Contact us at isc.umd@umich.edu.


Website: isc.umd.umich.edu