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Industrial and Manufacturing
Systems Engineering

About the Department

Industrial engineering entails designing, controlling, and managing complex systems and procedures for using production resources (people, information, equipment, and materials). The applications of industrial engineering principles can be found in manufacturing, healthcare, delivery and financial services, airlines, space programs and so on.


The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering offers two fully-accredited B.S. degree programs in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. In addition, the department has Master's programs in Industrial & Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Information Systems & Technology, Program and Project Management, and Dual Degree program in I&SE and MBA.


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News and Events

IMSE Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series, Friday April 1st, 2016

College of Engineering and Computer Science and Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Presents

IMSE Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series

Toward A Path to Operations Excellence


Dr. Marlin U. Thomas


Research Professor at the University of Michigan, and Dean Emeritus and Distinguished Professor Air Force Institute of Technology

Friday, April 1, 2016, 11:40 to 1 pm

1410/1420 PEC, Lunch will be served


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IMSE Student Teams Compete in the National Ergonomic Design Competition

Three student teams from IMSE 4425 and IMSE 501 Human Factors and Ergonomics class participated in the 8th Annual National Ergonomic Design Competition for the Student Teams.  42 teams representing universities from the United States and Puerto Rico participated in this year's competition. One of the IMSE team's (ErgoDetroit) finished 6th in this competition and received High Achiever team award. The other two teams (Maize & Blue Ergoexpress and Sahay) received Honorable Mention. This is the first time UM-D (CECS) student teams competed in this event, and all three teams demonstrated superior ability to solve ergonomic related Job design problems.

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IMSE Undergraduate Student Stefania Haag, Gains Valuable Experience Through the Highly Sought After Internship at Disney World in Orlando

If there's a piece of advice CECS students Stefania Haag and Lauren Stec could share with their classmates, it's to take advantage of internship opportunities. Besides gaining valuable work experience, an internship could possibly lead to a dream job.


Haag and Stec each took the winter 2013 semester off to complete a five-month internship at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Haag worked in Industrial Engineering while Stec worked in Scientific Systems Ride Control.

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Dr. Zhimin Xi, Assistant Professor of IMSE and Rong Jing, I&SE Graduate Student won the 2013 ASME Design Automation Conference Best Paper Award

IMSE assistant professor Zhimin Xi, I&SE graduate student Rong Jing, and their two collaborators (Dr. Pingfeng Wang, Wichita State University and Dr. Chao Hu, Medtronic Inc) won the 2013 ASME Design Automation Conference Best Paper Award. The Design Automation Conference is part of the 2013 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference.


This award is for the paper titled "A Copula-Based Sampling Method for Data-Driven Prognostics and Health Management." The paper presents a new data-driven prognostic approach for predicting the remaining useful life of engineering systems under uncertainty. This research is supported with the funding from Ford Motor Company. 

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IMSE Faculty Dr. Jian Hu Wins IIE Transactions Best Application Paper Award in Operations Engineering & Analysis
Congratulations to Dr. Jian Hu, assistant professor of IMSE, and to his co-authors (Dr. Homem-de-Mello  and Dr. Mehrotra) for winning the 2013 Best Application Paper award in Operations Engineering & Analysis for their paper titled "Risk Adjusted Budget Allocation Models with Application in Homeland Security," IIE Transactions, 43 (12): 819-839, 2011.
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Research Gant from Ford-UM Alliance to Investigate Fast Online Monitoring of Health Condition of Battery Cells with High Diagnostic Reliability

Dr. Zhimin Xi, Research Assistant Professor of IMSE and Dr. Cheol Lee, Associate Professor of IMSE received a research grant from Ford-UM Alliance to detect degradation of the battery cell capacity and power capability in operating conditions using validated lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery models under the temperature and cell-to-cell variability. Their research in this project will focus on the developement of statistically validated (or a virtual testing) battery models for capacity and power prediction, online monitoring system for battery cell capacity and power using measurable sensor signals, and the battery models to prevent premature failure of battery packs.

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New Grant from Hyundai - Kia Motors to Investigate Measure of Perceived Gear-Shifting Quality

This research grant from Hyundai - Kia Motors will allow Dr. Sang-Hwan Kim, assistant professor of IMSE and  Mr. ByeongWook Jeon, visiting scholar from Hyundai-Kia Motors to develop measure of gearshift quality for optimizing driver propensity in terms of vehicle ergonomics.

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John Junge Gives 350,000 to Endow Scholarship

When John Junge was applying to college as a teenager in Jackson, Michigan, he assumed he would have to go to community college first because of financial constraints. But he won a scholarship to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor instead. After learning about the Dearborn campus's cooperative education program, he transferred so he could earn money in his chosen profession while finishing his studies.

Now he's giving back. Junge, a member of the class of 1964, recently announced a 350,000 gift to establish a scholarship for high school students who want to major in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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The A. Adnan Aswad

Scholarship is awarded each year from an endowment given by Dr. Aswad, former professor in the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department.

Award: The scholarship is $2000 per year for two years for a total award of $4000.


More Information

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Industrial Engineering Video


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Gives a glimpse of the exciting work Industrial Engineers do everyday at Disney Parks around the world


M.S. Degree in Program and Project Management

The M.S. in Program and

Project Management (PPM) is a 30-semester-hour graduate

degree designed to address this growing need. It is suitable

for technical professionals from various industries (e.g.,

engineering, information technology, military, government,

healthcare, energy, and transportation) who need to deepen their understanding of program and project management and would like to make a transition from team members to program managers. For program brochure click here.