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Industrial and Manufacturing
Systems Engineering
Our Mission

The IMSE department strives to be a knowledge center for teaching and research excellence in integrated design, manufacturing and information systems within an environment that improves the quality of life for all stakeholders.  It accomplishes a mission by:

  • Generating knowledge through research
  • Providing high quality of academic programs
  • Serving a diverse population of students and business / government partners
  • Achieving  leadership and maintain it in the following focus areas:
    • Integrated design and manufacturing
    • Decision sciences and operations research
    • Human factors and ergonomics 
  • Enhancing the environment for improved quality of life
  • Providing value to our stakeholders as a non-profit organization
Our Values
  • Knowledge, creativity, and wisdom
  • Freedom
  • Ethical conduct
  • Contribution to society
  • Continuous improvement
  • Fellowship, sharing, caring
  • Rich quality of life