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Advising Office
Advising and Registration
Registration Holds and Required Advising
  • All CECS undergraduates in these fields have a "Required Advising" hold and cannot register unless the hold is released after meeting with your advisor:
    • Bioengineering
    • Computer and Information Science
    • Digital Forensics
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Industrial and Systems Engineering
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Robotics Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Engineering Undecided students
  • Mechanical Engineering freshmen and sophomores with up to 43 credits have a "Required Advising" hold
  • All CECS undergraduates on probation have a separate "Academic Hold"

Students who have ECE department equipment and have not returned it have an "Equipment Hold"
Registration Timetable
  • Check the Registration Timetable - gives dates when you can register
  • Check the "Academic Calendar" (for the deadline to add courses, deadline to drop courses, and to totally withdrawal from all courses)

Registration Timetable: http://www.umd.umich.edu/rr_reg-timetable
Registration Web Page: http://www.umd.umich.edu/dept/registration/
Academic Calendar: http://www.umd.umich.edu/rr_academic-calendar
Class Schedule
Go to UM-Dearborn CONNECT: https://web-sis.umd.umich.edu/
  • Check the Class Schedule, including last-minute changes. Changes may include days or times courses are offered, pre- or co-requisites, cancellation of a course, or opening of a reserved section or a new section
  • To read the Course Catalog course descriptions
  • To get information on what holds you have
  • To find out who your assigned advisor is
  • To get information on closed courses and closed sections of courses
  • Register online after consulting your advisor and your hold is released
  • Check your final grades
Who is your Advisor?
  • CECS students with up to 43 credits are assigned a SRA Office advisor, in 2000 HPEC. Call (313) 593-5510 to make an advising appointment.
  • CECS students with 44 or more credits are assigned a faculty advisor in the department of their major.

To see who your advisor is:
  1. Go to UM-Dearborn CONNECT: https://web-sis.umd.umich.edu/
  2. Logon to secure area
  3. Go to Student Records
  4. Go to View Student Information
  5. Choose a term
  6. The advisor will show on that page

Make an appointment to see your assigned advisor so your hold may be released in time for your registration date.
  • Fill out the half-sheet CECS "Advising Hold Release & Course Election Form" and take it to your appointment
  • Consult your advisor so your courses for the following term may be approved and the election sheet signed
  • You will get the top (white) copy of the Advising Hold Release & Course Election Form to use when registering
  • Turn in the bottom (yellow) copy to the departmental office so that your "Required Advising" or "Academic Hold" can be released by the departmental staff
  • Summer and Fall registration advising can be done at the same time and one hold is released for both terms
  • You can then register online or in person.
Who is your Advisor? Details
  1. CECS Freshmen and Sophomores (with up to 43 credits) consult an advisor in the Student Records and Advising Office, 2000 Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex, and to have their "Required Advising Hold" released. Call (313) 593-5510 to make an advising appointment. SRA advisors are assigned to students by their last name:

    Kerri Madeleine:Last names A-D
    Brei Hamilton:Last names E-K
    Lisa Remsing Hall:Last names L-M
    Jennifer Makas:Last names N-R
    Suzanne Schwarz:Last names S-Z

  2. CECS Sophomores, with 44 or more credits, and all Juniors and Seniors, are required to see their faculty advisor in their department.
  3. ME Sophomores, with 44 or more credits, and all ME Juniors and Seniors are encouraged, but not required, to see their advisor. Although only ME freshmen and first-term sophomores or ME students on probation are required to see their advisor, we encourage all ME majors to seek advising on a regular basis.

  4. All CECS students on academic probation are required to see their assigned advisor for advising. After advising, your advisor will sign the two-page CECS "Advising Hold Release & Course Election Form". Turn in the signed form to your advisor's office to have your released.

CECS Undergraduate Student Handbook (PDF File) has very important student information, including a list of NO CREDIT COURSES.

Course Pre-requisites and Co-requisites:
You can register for a course only if you have the official pre-requisites.

Remember that CECS students cannot use a Pass/Fail course for any degree requirement, not even "general electives".