Resources for CECS faculty, staff and students related to college administration.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact the Dean's Office.

Faculty Governance

Faculty governance within the College of Engineering and Computer Science is exercised through regular meetings of the Governing Faculty. The University of Michigan-Dearborn's instrument of faculty governance is the Faculty Senate.

Governing and Advisory Bodies

For more detail on the college's governing and advisory bodies, please refer to the CECS Bylaws.

  • "The Executive Committee is charged with investigating and formulating educational, research, and instructional policies for consideration by The Faculty, and it shall act for The College in matters related to curriculum, budget, promotions, appointments, facilities, academic and disciplinary appeals, and other affairs." (CECS Bylaws, Section V.2.

  • "The Administrative Council shall provide a means of maintaining communication throughout The College, its members being responsible for relaying information disseminated at the meetings. The Administrative Council shall review, discuss, and advise on matters that concern the interests and welfare of The College, including the recommendations of the Curriculum Coordinating Committee." (CECS Bylaws, Section V.5.Meeting minutes can be accessed via MBox.

Key Requests and Building Access

The safety and security of every department in CECS is our highest priority. Only staff and faculty members should submit key requests. If a student needs a key or access to your office/lab, please submit the request on their behalf.

If requesting key access to space from another CECS department you must have approval from department office.

Students will not receive key access to teaching labs. Instead, please submit building access or short term access forms when necessary.

  • Faculty or staff may submit requests via email to Eric Kirk ( or Courtney Duffy (, who can approve and forward them to Facilities/Public Safety.

    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Requester Type: Student/Staff/Faculty/Other
    • Faculty/Staff Authorizer (if Student/Other):
    • Building/Room:
    • UMID#:
    • Days of Access: (ex. M-F, Weekends, Holidays, Business Hours, "All Times")
    • Times of Access: (ex. 8am-5pm, "All Times")
    • Expiration Date: (ex. 8/31/2016)

Lab Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety offers two on-line lab safety modules available for faculty, staff, and students to obtain appropriate lab safety training in the following subject matters:

  • Comprehensive Lab Safety Training
  • Biosafety/ Bloodborne Pathogens

EHS will manage on-line trainee documentation with a spreadsheet attached to this Google Form program. So we will have a running list of who has signed up and who has passed the quiz. The training is password protected for UMD students, staff, faculty only. EHS will offer certificates for anyone who has successfully passed the associated lab safety quiz.

EHS and CECS will still offer classroom sessions, as we always have. We encourage anyone who needs lab safety training immediately, to take the appropriate on-line safety course. We also encourage the same person to take the next scheduled classroom session on the same subject so they can re-affirm what they went through in the on-line course. Personal interaction with a trainer is beneficial, especially if you have a question or are not clear on the training material.