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  1. CECS Freshmen and Sophomores (with up to 44 credits) must see an advisor in the Student Records and Advising Office, 2000 HPEC, for advising and to have their "Required Advising Hold" released. Call (313) 593-5510 to make an advising appointment.
  2. CECS Sophomores, with 44 or more credits, and all Juniors and Seniors, are required to see their faculty advisor in their department during the Advising Period or by pre-arrangement thereafter.
    • November is the advising period for Winter registration
    • The advising period for Summer and Fall registration begins in March
    • Consult your faculty advisor during their office hours.
      CIS Department (105 CIS) www.engin.umd.umich.edu/CIS/
      ECE Department (206 ELB) www.engin.umd.umich.edu/ECE/
      IMSE Department (2340 HPEC) www.engin.umd.umich.edu/IMSE/
      ME Department (1340 HPEC) www.engin.umd.umich.edu/ME/
    • ME Sophomores, with 44 or more credits, and all ME Juniors and Seniors are encouraged, but not required, to see their advisor. Although only ME freshmen and first-term sophomores or ME students on probation are required to see their advisor, we encourage all ME majors to seek advising on a regular basis.
    • NOTE: ME majors with 44 or more credits may usually see their ME faculty advisor for registration advising during the ME advising period, which is the first week of November, the first week of March, and the first week of July.

    • All CECS students on academic probation are required to see their assigned advisor for advising. After advising, your advisor will sign the two-page CECS "Advising Hold Release & Course Election Form". Turn in the signed form to your advisor's office to have your released.
CECS Undergraduate Student Handbook (PDF File) has very important student information, including a list of NO CREDIT COURSES.
Click here to download a free Acrobat viewer

Remember that CECS students cannot use a Pass/Fail course for any degree requirement, not even "general electives".

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