About the Program

Students complete a minimum of 120 credits in one of two options (computer science or information systems) and receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer and Information Science. The program is primarily directed toward day students, with some evening courses offered. The CIS degree prepares graduates for immediate employment in the computing field and for graduate study.

Computer Science Concentration

CIS students interested in scientific or engineering applications, game design, or networking elect the Computer Science (CS) option. CS option students study computer architecture, artificial intelligence, distributed and parallel systems, networks, operating systems, programming, and web technologies. The CS option places greater emphasis on understanding how computer systems work and prepares graduates for positions in embedded and systems programming, enterprise computing, graphics and visualization, computer game development, networks, scientific programming, and web technology, among others.

Information Systems Concentration

Students interested in applying information technology in commercial, governmental, or scientific contexts elect the (IS) Information Systems option. IS option students study computer networks, databases, programming, web technologies, and accounting. The IS option is oriented toward the design and development of information systems. It includes more applications-related courses than the CS option and prepares graduates for positions in applications databases, enterprise computing, information systems design, systems analysis, and web-based information systems.


The BS in Computer and Information Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.