At the College of Engineering and Computer Science, students use different computer and engineering laboratories and equipment as part of their program courses to test, apply, and practice what they are learning.

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience in the classroom and by partnering with faculty as research assistants.

Research at CECS

Dyno Lab

The college's state-of-the-art laboratory facilities offer effective and comprehensive areas for applied research that support the curriculum and build strong partnerships with industry, government and the community. Learn more.

CECS Labs by Department

  • ITS maintains computer labs across campus.  These labs are open to all students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, without regard to school or program. Here are the ITS computer labs within engineering buildings:

    • Design and CAD Labs (1180 HPEC)
    • PC Lab (183 ELB)
  • To learn more about these labs, please visit the CIS department.

    • Computer Projects Lab
    • Game and Multimedia Environment (GAME) Lab
  • To learn more about these labs, please visit the ECE department.

    • Computer Architecture Laboratory
    • Computer Laboratory
    • Control Systems Laboratory
    • Digital Design Laboratory
    • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
    • DTE Power Electronic Laboratory
    • Electronics Laboratory
    • Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • To learn more about these labs, please visit the IMSE department.

    • Automation and Simulation Laboratory
    • Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory
    • Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics Laboratory
    • Metrology Laboratory
    • Precision Machining Laboratory
    • Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
    • Robotics Laboratory
  • To learn more about these labs, please visit the ME department.

    • Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory
    • Additive Manufacturing Processes Laboratory (AMPL)
    • ​Bioengineering Laboratory
    • Combustion Engines Laboratory
    • Crash Mechanics Laboratory
    • DENSO Climate Control Education and Research Laboratory
    • Design and Fatigue Laboratory
    • Dynamics and Control Laboratory
    • Impact Dynamics Laboratory
    • Instrument and Measurement Systems Laboratory
    • Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
    • Nanoscience and Engineering Laboratory
    • Thermal Fluid Laboratory