NEW: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

New online program now accepting applications!

There are many opportunities for teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). This UM-Dearborn certificate program is specifically designed for individuals seeking opportunities both locally or internationally and will prepare students with the requisite content knowledge and pedagogy to teach English to students or adults outside of the PK-12 public school system.  Certificate holders may find careers with non-U.S. agencies/institutions in order to meet international needs to provide English instruction to their student populations. 

This certificate does not lead to state teacher certification or a state endorsement.  For those interested in PK-12 certification, please refer to the ESL Endorsement.

The TESOL certificate program requires 12 graduate credit hours.  All of the courses will prepare certificate students with the requisite content knowledge, pedagogy, and skills to teach non-native speakers of English.  

Plan of Study

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12 Month Plan

15 Month Plan

  • Winter: 6 credits - EDD 547/548 and
    EDC 555
  • Summer: 3 credits - EDM 505
  • Fall: 3 credits - EDA 555
  • Winter: 4 credits - EDD547/548
  • Summer: 3 credits - EDM 505
  • Fall: 3 credits - EDA 555
  • Winter: 2 credits - EDC 555

How to Apply