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Building a business and building a career are actually quite similar.  

To build a business plan you must identify an unmet need, develop a plan to serve that need, develop a strategy to market your product or service and lastly, ensure that your customer is satisfied.  

To build a career plan you must identify where there is an opportunity, develop a personal plan to be able to respond to that opportunity, develop a plan to market yourself and lastly, ensure that you are providing value to the market. 

Our Internship Program 

The College of Business Internship Program helps our students gain access to a vast pool of employers so that they are able to participate in a viable internship experience that will give them the necessary ingredients to truly become an entrepreneur of their own careers.  

According to national statistics, 70% of internships turn into full-time employment. Additionally, research shows that students who had at least one internship while in college, received average salary offers that were 20% higher than those who didn't.

Also, 90% of our participating employers would strongly recommend our Internship Program to their business colleagues - making our internships rewarding for students and employers alike.  

Additional Career Support

In addition to helping students gain internship experience, we help students with our College to Career Mentoring Program, our Personal Advising Support, and our Career Placement Support so that students are better equipped to launch their careers upon graduation. 

Come See Us!

If you want to develop and launch a strategy to help you get some valuable experience and coaching support while in college, as well as help getting your career started on the right track, come see us in the Internship & Career Management Office