Take Control of Your Career

Engaging with the COB Internship & Career Management Center (ICMC) early in your career at UM-Dearborn will enable you to be better prepared for the ever-changing workforce. Through the activities and programs offered by the ICMC you will be empowered to pursue your passion, know how to effectively discover opportunities and be keenly aware of how to tell your personal story to potential employers. These activities will lead you to a successful launch of your career upon graduation and to fully contribute to the support of other students in their career pursuits.

Are you ready to take control of your career? Please visit to find out how to apply the I Inc. concepts in your career quest. This is open to ALL students.

         NEW! Open Office Hours Every Wednesday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

If you want to talk to someone regarding any questions or thoughts you have about the best way to begin to pursue your career aspirations, take advantage of our open office hours and simply come by the ICMC office in FCN 285 on Wednesdays between 2:00 and 5:00 PM and a career counselor will be available to help you. No appointment is necessary, just show up.

If you are looking for a Fall 2016 internship, the time is now to begin the process.

                     NEW DATE

             Mandatory Career Prep Seminar

         Friday, June 24th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Career Prep Seminar is the first step to engaging with the ICMC. These sessions are scheduled once a month (or more) and are required to begin the process of working with the ICMC toward an Internship, Career Placement, or College to Career Coaching Program.

In this 3-hour seminar you will be introduced to the Symplicity/Career Connections software that will be used to schedule career counseling and intake meetings and to look for and apply to available opportunities. Future uses of the Symplicity/Career Connections will include communication and registering for on-campus recruiting events, scheduling employment and Mock Interviews, and keeping track of your job search activities. 

In the seminars we will also discuss the internship contract, resume prep, interview prep, networking and how to professionally and effectively tell your story on LinkedIn and other social media.


Internship Program- Participation in the Internship Program will provide professional business experience with pre-screened employers which, in turn, will enhance your employability upon graduation.

Career Placement Program- The Career Placement Program will assist you in finding and securing an entry-level position upon graduation with employers that are familiar with the quality of UM-Dearborn graduates.

College to Career Coaching Program- If you desire to connect one-on-one with a pre-screened business professional that can assist you with achieving your professional goals by navigating the career job market, then our College to Career Coaching Program is for you.

Internship Program

Once you have attended the mandatory Career Prep Seminar you are eligible to begin the internship process. Internships are open to all COB students - Pre-business, BBA and Graduate students. 

To begin the internship placement process you must meet with Mrs. Snage, Internship Program Manager, for an intake meeting. In this 30-minute meeting Mrs. Snage will review your resume that is formatted using the Internship Resume Template, go over and collect your signed Undergraduate Internship Contract or Graduate Internship Contract, discuss your career interests and interview availability and answer any internship related questions that you may have. Once you have completed the intake meeting you can begin to search and apply for internship opportunities that are posted on Symplicity/Career Connections as well as other opportunities available at companies that you are interested in. 

Career Placement Program

Our Career Placement Program (CPP) will assist you in finding and securing a post-degree position upon graduation and up to two semesters following.

As undergraduate students we are presenting you to employers as degree candidates. To be eligible for the Career Placement Program you must be within 2 semesters of your actual degree completion or graduation. Graduate students are immediately eligible for this program.

Attendance at the Career Prep Seminar is required prior to working with Ms. Wheeler, Career Placement Program Manager. Following your attendance you can request an intake meeting with Ms. Wheeler. Plan on your intake meeting taking about an hour. Ms. Wheeler will review your resume formatted using the CPP Resume Template, discuss your career interests, and answer any career related questions that you may have. She may also want to discuss your career acceleration plan and steps you have taken to prepare yourself for the job search.

College to Career Coaching Program

Are you trying to decide on your major? Have you got it narrowed down to 2 or 3 possibilities and would like a hand in looking for possible career opportunities? Would you like to strengthen your business network? Do you have other career related questions that you need answers to? Our career coaches can help you to sort out these questions and more. 

Our career coaches are recent alumni (≈3-5 years) that have successfully navigated the job market to land their first career position. They have recently been in your shoes and can further assist you to successfully launch your career. Expectations of the program include:

  • Committing 4-5 hours a month to completing the assignments and activities associated with the program
  • Participate in the required and recommended activities
  • Personally document ongoing activities and accomplishments
  • Develop/Enhance your personal Career Acceleration Plan and produce a video resume

To apply for a Career Coach submit a personal statement outlining the following to with College to Career Coaching Program Application in the subject line. Attendance at the Career Prep seminar is mandatory prior to being matched with a coach. 

  • Why do you want to be part of the College to Career Coaching Program?
  • What are your current life, school, home, family, etc. commitments?
  • What are your expectations and outcomes from the program?

Once approved, you will be invited to connect with a coach. 

Career Counselling

Our doors are always open to help students on a one-on-one basis.  Some students drop in for a brief conversation while other schedule a more private counselling session with someone from our staff to help them with the myriad of challenges that they may face in their personal career dilemmas.  Feel free to take advantage of this support whenever you need it. 

Get Started!

If you have any questions, stop by our office at FCN Suite 285 or email us at and we can help you get the ball rolling.


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