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Take Control of your Career!

We help students develop a personal career strategy that helps them:        

  • Apply the skills and knowledge developed in the classroom
  • Continue to build a strong track record of experiences
  • Successfully network with other business professionals and executives



Career Development Process

Our process starts when the student enrolls in BA 300 (Career Planning and Development) and then continues though their engagement in the College to Career Coaching Program and/or the Internship Program, and/or other Leadership Development Options and culminates with the successful launch of their career upon graduation. 


BA 300 - Career Planning and Development

We help students take control of their careers by:

  • Helping them identify their interests and passions
  • Identifying ways for them to pursue those passions
  • Learning how to effectively market themselves in today's economy


College to Career Coaching

When a student chooses to participate in our college to career coaching program, we help them connect with mid-level business executives or human resource specialists from industry  for the duration of at least one semester.  Be being able to work closely with these individuals, our students are provided with one on one guidance to help them in the further development and implementation of their personal career plan. 


Internship Program 

Junior and Senior BBA students as well as Graduate students have the option of pursuing an internship with us, as part of their career strategy.  These students often have the option of considering internships that are either part or full time in several different industries.  

The vast majority of our internships are paid. The average salary for undergraduate students is $14/hour and for graduates, it is $16/hour.  

Internships are available in all College of Business major disciplines. 

For guidelines and more information concerning the internship program, review the following documents:

BBA Program 1.0 or Graduate students

BBA Program 2.0


Career Counselling

Our doors are always open to help students on a one on one basis.  Some students drop in for a brief conversation while other schedule a more private counselling session with someone from our staff to help them with the myriad of challenges that they may face in their personal career dilemmas.  Feel free to take advantage of this support whenever you need. it. 


Placement Support

Finally, as the student approaches their graduation date, we work closely with them to help them understand potential professional certification options, as well as employer development programs, that might help them be even more successful in their careers.  We then help connect the student with firms where viable opportunities exist in the field of their choosing.  


Get Started!

If you have not done so already, get registered for BA 300 - Career Planning and Development and get ready to take advantage of a valuable process that will help you while in school but also as you graduate and begin to launch your career.

If you have any questions, stop by our office at FCN Suite 285 and we can help you get the ball rolling.


Remember - The ICMC Works4U!