Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is where marketing meets the internet and other forms of new media, such as cell phones and even video games. Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities such as:

  • Social network marketing: Utilize websites like Facebook to spread the word about their products, or learn more about the needs, wants and interests of their customers
  • Search engine optimization: Optimize a website so it ranks high in search engine results
  • Open source innovation:C ollaborate with customers or independent product designers to create new products
  • Viral marketing: Videos that are so much fun people want to see them and share them with their friends
  • Experiment based market research: Learn about consumer behavior by conducting controlled experiments on line, such as testing two versions of a product description on a website to see which results in more sales
  • Web analytics: Analyze data collected through websites in order to set prices, create better ads, make decisions about product distribution, and improve product design
  • Reputation management: Track what people are saying about a brand online, and help companies manage their brand image

Students considering majoring in Digital Marketing will want to enroll in MKT 352, Marketing Principles and Policies, and MKT 363, Digital Consumer Search & Marketing.

Digital Marketing Major Requirements - 21 Credits

MKT 363 - Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
MKT 454 - Marketing Research
MKT 455 - E-tailing and Retailing
MKT 458 - Communications Strategy and New Media (formerly MKT 456)
MKT 463 - Digital Analytics and Content

Choose two courses from:
MKT 382 - Understanding Consumers
MKT 402 - Marketing Management
MKT 457 - Global Marketing and Consumer Culture
ITM 321 - Database Systems I
ITM 371 - Managing Electronic Commerce Systems
ITM 382 - Advanced Computer Applications

Double Majors

Majoring is both Digital Marketing and Marketing is not permitted. However, majoring in both Digital Marketing and Information Technology Management is allowed and encouraged. Courses common to both majors can be applied towards fulfilling the requirements of both.