Department of Management Studies

Welcome to the Department of Management Studies.  The Department of Management Studies is home to 28 full-time faculty representing 5 different business specializations (Marketing, Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Business Policy and Strategy, and Decision Sciences/Operations Management).  Additionally, many part-time faculty have a professional affiliation with the department.

Questions and comments are always welcome
All such communications may be directed to:

Karen Strandholm
Chair, Associate Professor
office: 120 FCS
phone: 313-593-1268

Marie Elliott
Administrative Specialist 
office 123D FCS
phone: 313-593-5336

Full-Time Faculty

Aaron Ahuvia
Professor, Marketing

Raju Balakrishnan
Professor, Operations Management

Joy Beatty
Associate Professor,  Organizational Behavior

Charu Chandra
Professor, Operations Management

Yi-Su Chen
Assistant Professor,  Operations Management

Hans Czap
Lecturer,  Decision Sciences

Lee Freeman
Associate Professor, Management Information Systems

Yi Maggie Guo
Associate Professor, Management Information Systems

Timothy Hartge
Lecturer, Business Communication

Jun He
Associate Professor,  Management Information Systems

Gerald Holowicki
Lecturer, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Management

Elif Izberk-Bilgin
Associate Professor,  Marketing

Keyes, Patrick
Lecturer, Project Management

Barbara D. Klein
Professor, Management Information Systems

Kamalesh Kumar
Professor, Business Strategy

Junghyun (Jessie) Lee
Assistant Professor,  Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

Zhixin (Jason) Liu
Associate Professor,  Decision Sciences

Janice Molloy
Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

K. H. Padmanabhan
Associate Professor,  Marketing

Philipp Rauschnabel 
Assistant Professor, Marketing

Young Ro
Associate Professor, Operations Management

Donald F. Rossin
Associate Professor,  Operations Management

Chris Samfilippo
Lecturer,  Marketing

Crystal J. Scott
Associate Professor,  Marketing

Smrt, Diana
Lecturer,  Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

Karen Strandholm
Chair,  Management Studies; Associate Professor, Strategy

Lise Urbaczewski
Lecturer, Management Information Systems

Matt Wimble
Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

Michele Yoder
Assistant Professor, Strategy



Barnhart, Matthew

Callahan, Mike

Che, Chundao

Dalimonte, Anthony

Davis, Timothy

Derderian, Harry

Deska, Tom

Ebner, Dave

El-Mezain, Ibrahim

Iles, Trevor

Keyes, Patrick

Majeske, Katherine

Phillips, Cheryl

Rieger, Francis

Smrt, Diana

Sutton, Jeremy

Toronto, Robert

VanHemert, Michael

Wagner-Kotb, Amy

Williams, Edward



Marie Elliott
Administrative Specialist



Callahan, Thomas
Associate Professor Emeritus

Cowan, D. Ross
Professor Emeritus

Lev, Benjamin
Professor Emeritus

Lyons, Thomas F.
Professor Emeritus

Martin, William R.D.
Professor Emeritus

Steel, Robert 
Professor Emeritus

Streeter, Victor J.
Associate Professor Emeritus

Waissi, Gary
Professor Emeritus