Internships and Career Management Center

Building a business and building a career are actually quite similar.  

To build a business plan you must identify an unmet need, develop a plan to serve that need, develop a strategy to market your product or service and lastly, ensure that your customer is satisfied.  

To build a career plan you must identify where there is an opportunity, develop a personal plan to be able to respond to that opportunity, develop a plan to market yourself and lastly, ensure that you are providing value to the market. 

The College of Business Internship Program helps our students gain access to a vast pool of employers so that they are able to participate in a viable internship experience that will give them the necessary ingredients to truly become an entrepreneur of their own careers.  

According to national statistics, 70% of internships turn into full-time employment. Additionally, results of NACEís 2010 Student Survey show that students in the Class of 2010 who had internships received average salary offers that were 20% higher than those who didn't.

Also, 90% of our participating employers would strongly recommend our Internship Program to their business colleagues - making our internships rewarding for students and employers alike.