University of Michigan-Dearborn offers over eighty majors and programs in its four colleges and schools. Its academic programs are ranked as some of the best regionally and nationally. Honors programs are available in many fields and students can enhance their education through studies abroad. Students are also offered opportunities to gain practical experience through a variety of co-ops and internships.

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Martin Hershock

Ilir Miteza

Jennifer Zhao

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters is home to six graduate programs, 34 undergraduate majors, and cutting-edge programs in environmental sciences, science and mathematics education, religious diversity and Arab American Studies, health policy and health psychology, civic engagement and leadership, policy and law, and our automotive heritage.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Anthony England

Keshav Varde

The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers eight undergraduate degree programs, two undergraduate degree programs that are collateral to a principal undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science, and a minor in computer science. At the graduate level, thirteen masterís degree programs and two Ph.D. programs are offered. Graduate and Ph.D. classes are available in the evenings, making them convenient for many students who work in local industry. The college's partnerships with major domestic automobile companies and automotive suppliers have led to many educational opportunities for its students and research for both students and faculty.

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Janine Janosky

Laura Reynolds

The CEHHS offers programming in the health and education professions. The Department of Education offers programs in elementary and early childhood education, educational leadership, educational technology, special education, and the teaching of many school subjects. Students have opportunities to test theories of teaching and learning in action and to hone their own skills as they engage with education professionals and children in area school districts and at the highly regarded Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC). The Department of Health and Human Services offers undergraduate degrees in Community Health Education and Public Health and a joint degree with the College of Business in Health Information Technology. Both departments consider community engagement a fundamental part of the education experience.

College of Business

Raju Balakrishnan

Lee Redding

Lee Freeman

The College of Business provides practice-oriented graduate and undergraduate business programs in Business Administration, Finance, and Accounting. In addition, students are offered a range of internship opportunities that provide professional training in business administration. The school also offers international programs to prepare students for success in todayís global economy.