The National Society of Leadership and Success

                   University of Michigan - Dearborn Chapter Since January 2010


The National Society of Leadership and Success provides many positions to display your leadership skills. Committees, such as the Communications Committee, Event Planning Committee, and the Community Outreach Committee, are formed by the students and they work together to accomplish their goals. If you have suggestions or feedback for a specific committee, please contact the committee chair.

Executive Student Committee

Chair: Tina Moynahan

Junior;  Major: English and Psychology   Minor: Criminal Justice

What NSLS involvement means to me:  To me, NSLS means being a part of an organization that is completely behind me and is dedicated to making sure I have the necessary resources to achieve my goals. The SNTs helped to make sure I met people who had different experiences and resources than I did, which led me to thinking outside the box as to more effective ways of achieving my goals. Additionally, the Speaker Broadcasts reminded me that success takes failing at what you want to do first because failure does not mean you have to start over, it means that you have learned that the first way did not work so tweak what you have done and try again. 

Co-Chair: Alex Herten
Junior;  Major: Mathematics   Minors: Statistics and Women's and Gender Studies 

Co-Curricular Activities: Treasurer: Association of Student Anthropologists, Women in Learning and Leadership, Executive Board: Organization for Interfaith Coexistence, Site Leader: Alternative Spring Break

What NSLS involvement means to me:  NSLS is a collection of motivated students hoping to increase their potential through compassion and persistence.  It has been a year and I have already make lasting personal, and invaluable professional relationships.   

Secretary: Ashley Strawser
Senior;  Majors: Political Science and Philosophy Minor: Psychology

Co-Curricular Activities:  Pre-law Club Secretary, Orientation Leader, Phi Mu Fraternity, Golden Key National Honour Society

What NSLS involvement means to me:  Being involved in the society means looking out for not only yourself, but your community. As a leader, one should always try to be trustworthy, responsible, and fair in every task.

SNT Coordinator: Yesenia Grijalva
Senior;  Majors: Health Policy Studies and Psychology

Co-Curricular Activities: I am involved with the American Association of University Women (AAUW - UM-Dearborn Chapter) and conducting research with Professor Dolluns (UM-Dearborn), Professor Gelman (UM-Ann Arbor), and Meredith Meyer, Ph.D. of Otterbein University (at UM-Ann Arbor) expanding on the theory of essentialism. I am also planning a conference in March called the Young Women's Leadership Summit that I and a UM-Dearborn alumnus would like to be an annual event. The event is geared toward encouraging high school age girls from a variety of backgrounds to pursue a college education and give them insight into college life. This event is to be hosted by the Women's Resource Center and co-sponsored by AAUW.

What NSLS involvement means to me:  By being inducted into NSLS, I have been motivated to be more involved on campus. My involvement in the Society is a reminder of the goals I want to accomplish aside from the academic goals that we are constantly reminded of. It is a reminder that in order to succeed in life, it entails more than just being successful in academia. It consists of being able to apply lessons learned in the classroom as well as lessons learned in other aspects of campus life to be a prosperous individual in life. Being in NSLS has provided me with individuals to look at as role models that have overcome a myriad of struggles to be successful within their own fields. It is an individual's development as a how in multiple aspects, by building connections and learning from others. To participate in this position on a more influential scale is incredibly rewarding.

Community Service Chair: Mohammed Alkubba
Senior;  Major: Biology Minor: Psychology

Co-Curricular Activities: I shadow a dentist at Monroe Family Dentistry, as well as volunteer at the house of prayer to give back to my community. As time allows, I also enjoy playing football or basketball with my friends.

What NSLS involvement means to me:  My involvement in NSLS is a position that I appreciate and embrace. This position is important because the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Being on the Executive Student Committee allows me to not only speak to how important positive leadership is, but to also have a positive influence on others. In order to provide a good and positive environment for others, we need to start within first.

Publicity Chair: Alexandra Armada
Senior;  Major: Biology Minor: Philosophy

Co-Curricular Activities: Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity (Finance Chair), Art Club, Choir, Biology Club, clinical research at Detroit Receiving's Emergency Room.  

What NSLS involvement means to me:  Being able to network with my peers.  Success Networking Teams are great and really helped me hold myself accountable for  reaching my goals!