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Credit Card Payments:


What are the reasons the university has decided to go to a third party provider for processing credit card payments?

The university has experienced significant budget challenges with the several years of reductions in state appropriations that support UM-Dearborn’s instructional programs. We have examined our expenditures and made reductions to adjust to our revenue streams. Annually, bank fees associated with credit card payments cost over $400,000. In addition, credit card companies have recently set very strict card association rules that require the university to meet strict compliance standards. Although these are excellent in assuring strong security and controls on credit card transactions, they bring significant amount of labor intensive work to comply with these standards. By using a third party, the university can save annual bank fee expenses of $400,000 and remove the liability of having to maintain credit card records and being subject to overseeing the credit card company compliance issues.

Does the university offer on-line debit card payment options?

At this time the university does not have on-line debit card capabilities. A similar on-line service, ACH, is currently available for on-line payment of tuition and fee accounts. The process of directly charging a checking or savings account applies. The process requires filling out an on-line check and providing bank routing and account number information. This option has been available to students for several years.

We are working on and anticipate a debit card option in the near future.

Will the $400,000 annual cost savings be used to lower tuition?

Annually we are challenged with the increasing costs of operating an institution of higher learning. Our students and alumni come to UM – Dearborn because of the high quality of education we deliver. Our challenge is to constantly search for opportunities to lower cost while maintaining the quality of our instructional mission. In addition, we are also looking for opportunities to expand our instructional programs to address job opportunity needs of southeast Michigan.  For example, $400,000 can go a long way in supporting the costs of starting an instructional program in an area of medical services, a job market that is in high demand in Michigan, as well as nationally.

If I decide to use the credit card option of payment, how will I know how much the service fee will cost?

When you process an on-line credit card payment, you will receive a message that a service fee will be assessed for the convenience of using a credit card. The message will include the amount that will be assessed to your credit card. The service fee will not appear on your university tuition and fee account, but instead will appear on your credit card statement. The convenience fee will be calculated at 2.75% of the amount paid by credit card.

What other payment options are available to pay my tuition and fee bill?

There remain several other options to pay a bill with no extra cost to you:

  • Online by ACH.  Enter your own checking or savings account and routing numbers on-line. An example and instructions are available at the payment website.
  • In person by check, money order, or cash at the Cashiers/Student Accounts office.  Call 313-593-5255 for current opening hours.
  • By check or money order mailed to UM-Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Rd., 1187UC, Dearborn, MI  48128.
There remain several other options to pay a bill with no extra cost to you:

TouchNet is closely connected with our student information system. Therefore, the processing of payments will be seamless. Our current real time processing of payments will continue. As you authorize your credit card payment, your payment will be immediately applied to your account.

Student Services:


How do I find and print my 1098-T?

Completed 1098-T forms are available to students online at UM-Dearborn Connect. This website is the only way to retrieve them.

Enter Secure Area at

Login with your University ID and PIN.

Go to 'Student Services.'

Click 'Student Account.'

Select 'Tax Notification.'

Choose the year you want to display. and click 'Submit.'

Use the Print command in your browser or hit Ctrl-P to print.

The 'Select Tax Year' menu option next to 'Tax Notification' will let you select a different year for viewing a new form inside 'Tax Notification.'

How do I find my PIN?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is used with a University ID to access the Cashiers/Student Accounts Self Service website for online payments and the Secure Area website for registration and other student records. A PIN should be exactly six digits. If it is changed to a number other than six digits, it may prevent a user from logging in at either website.  Students may learn more about finding or changing their PIN at the Registration & Records department.

When do I receive my refund?

Most students expecting a refund are looking for one because they registered for financial aid and it paid more than their initial tuition charges, or they paid for their classes and received another payment type toward their student account on a later date. Financial Aid disburses funds toward the student account and not directly to the student. When the financial aid is on the student account and the overall account has a negative value (called a credit), Cashiers/Student Accounts runs a program that will add the student to an upcoming refund run where the account will be audited and funds released after the student is verified to be entitled to the refund. The Office of Financial Aid disburses funds toward a student account on a different day than Cashiers/Student Accounts issues a student's refund.

Cashiers/Student Accounts is continuously auditing student accounts and we will process student refunds as soon as possible. We apologize Cashiers/Student Accounts cannot give students a date to expect a particular refund because of the large variety of situations a refund could be delayed or declined.

Cashiers/Student Accounts is taking new precautions in attempt to prevent students from receiving a refund then disqualifying themselves from financial aid, later leaving students to owe a balance. Our priority at this time is to refund financial aid loans. For student accounts with grants, scholarships, sponsorships, collection holds, recent check payments, excessive credit card payments, waitlisted courses, and recent class dropping activity, Cashiers/Student Accounts may hold a portion or all of a student account refund until after the course add/drop period or longer. Cashiers/Student Accounts tries to the best our ability to ensure all students who qualify receive a portion to buy books at the beginning of a new term.

If you are a student with financial aid loans or cash payments and no other conflicting account activity as described above, please continue to monitor your student account at the Cashiers/Student Accounts Self Service website. A refund entry will be posted to your account when we issue a refund. If it has been 14 days after add/drop ends and 14 days after the last activity posted to your student account, you may contact the Cashiers/Student Accounts again to inquire about your refund if you continue to have not received one.


If you can see a refund has been issued, expect to wait 10-21 business days for a mailed refund check to reach your home. If you registered at Cashiers/Student Accounts Self Service for direct deposit e-refunds before the refund was issued, expect to wait up to 5 business days for the refund to be seen in your bank account. If it has been longer than 21 business days for the mailed check or longer than 5 business days for a direct deposit to reach your bank account, you will have to contact Cashiers/Student Accounts department for further instructions. Most issued refunds that go missing are the result of an old/incorrect mailing address on file or the direct deposit banking information was entered incorrectly. Refunds cannot be picked up in person. There are no exceptions.

When contacting a department, do not reference the term “refund” to the Office of Financial Aid when you are inquiring about a financial aid disbursement to your student account. Do not refer to a refund as a “disbursement” to Cashiers/Student Accounts when inquiring about your refund. A disbursement is when financial aid is put on a student account. When a refund is issued, it means leftover excess payments are taken from a student account and given to the student.

The type of refund sent depends on what type of payments contributed to the semester with the overall credit. If a credit card payment is in the semester from which the refund will be issued, all credit cards paying in that semester will be refunded first. Next, if a Parent Plus Loan payment is in the semester from which the refund will be issued, the student’s parent will receive a mailed check refund (if the loan application does not designate money to go to the student). Third, any remaining credits involving payments by any method other than a sponsorship will be refunded directly to the student via mailed check or E-Refund.  Lastly, if the remaining credit only has sponsorships as the final remaining source of payment, the refund must go back to the sponsor.

Refunds pending that involve check or ACH payments will require a waiting period of 45 days for the payment to officially clear the bank.

The status by which the student can identify how close he/she is to receiving a refund is divided into stages. The student can recognize these stages by logging in to the student account in the Cashiers/Student Accounts Self-Service website. Click on 'ebill' then 'Recent Account Activity'.

The stages of the refund and how to identify them are as follows:

Stage 1:
'Recent Account Activity' for the current term shows a balance; a positive number.
If there is no credit (negative value) on your account, there is nothing to refund at this time. Are you expecting more financial aid? Check disbursement dates at in the 'Financial Aid' tab under 'Award Payment Schedule'.

Stage 2:
'Recent Account Activity' for the current term shows a credit; a negative number.
Your account has more payments than charges. Our refund database will automatically add your account to a refund run. If your credit has remained for 14 days after the last activity on your account and add/drop courses has passed, contact us at Please be aware that Estimated Aid, Pending Aid, or Authorized Aid factored into a student account does not count as disbursed financial aid. We will not refund authorized or estimated financial aid as that is not money officially released to the student.

Stage 3:
'Recent Account Activity' shows a refund or direct deposit entry; account may show $0 owed. Your refund has been processed. Please wait for the mail/bank to deliver/deposit it.  You may contact Cashiers/Student Accounts at if check delivery is longer than 21 days or your E-Refund deposit is longer than 5 business days.


Refunds are only issued when you have an overall credit (negative number) on your student account. If your account balance is zero or a positive number, either all refund money has been issued or there is no refund money to give. If you were expecting a refund to be generated from excess financial aid, please observe The Office of Financial Aid is in charge of and must disburse all financial aid to your student account first. Only after all student account charges are paid and there is a credit on your account, it is the duty of Cashiers/Student Accounts to audit and eventually refund the remaining credit.  Please check the Self Service website to identify if financial aid has actually posted to your student account before contacting either department. Go to “ebills” and “Recent Account Activity” to properly identify this. Please note Estimated Financial Aid, Authorized Financial Aid, and Award Letter are NOT examples or evidence of financial aid disbursements toward your student account.

Finally, please understand that every day Cashiers/Student Accounts is continuously auditing refunds.  However, refunds are processed as a batch. Therefore, we are unable to process individual requests ahead of anybody else and excessive attempts to contact Cashiers/Student Accounts will not result in a refund issued faster. The staff answering refund requests is the same staff that audits and issues refunds, so multiple requests only slow the process down.

Please be patient and thank you for your time.

How do I make a payment online? How do I use the Cashiers/Student Accounts Self Service site to make a payment on my student account?

Navigate to the Web Payment Instructions section of our website.  Follow the instructions listed.

How does the payment plan work? How do I sign up?

The tuition and fee payment plan is an optional payment planning service that is provided to students or parents who wish to follow a budget of paying their tuition and fee account assessments. This is a web based system. UM-Dearborn staff will be establishing payment plan options for students to select from a drop down menu. The plan automatically recalculates individual payment plan installments based on new account activity. A modest fee of $40 will be established to help with administrative costs and for the flexibility students will receive with payment deferment.

To sign up for the payment plan, navigate to myaccount.umd.umich.edu
Students may log in using their eight-digit University ID and six-digit PIN.  Authorized users can log in with their registered email address and password.

Along the top menu tabs, Click "Payment Plans" and "Sign Up For a New Payment Plan"

If the student qualifies for the payment plan and the enrollment deadline has been met, you will see the initial details about the current term payment plan.  Read the information carefully and click "Continue" on the bottom.

Click "Display Payment Schedule" and view the amount of each installment the student will agree to pay.  Placing a down payment is optional and reduces the overall installment amounts, but will not contribute to the $40.00 setup fee that will be paid later in the enrollment process.  The option on the bottom of the screen allows the system to deduct automatic installment payments from a savings or checking account the student can store as a Payment Profile.  This option is not recommended.  Select to allow automatic payments or to perform manual payments and click "Continue".

Enrollment Using Electronic Check:
The next step is to select a method of payment for the $40.00 setup fee and the down payment if an amount was set.  For this example, if you wish to pay by check, use the drop down arrow to select "Electronic Check" and click "Continue".

If credit card was selected, please scroll down to the credit card section below.

For Electronic Check, enter the ABA routing number, account number, account name, choose if you wish to save this method as a Payment Profile to use in future payments, then click "Continue".

The next step is to carefully read and sign an electronic agreement using the last four digits of the University ID.  Click "I Agree" when finished and payment plan enrollment will be complete.

Immediately print your payment confirmation and keep it for your records.


Enrollment Using Credit Card Payment:
If the setup fee and down payment needs to be made with a Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card, select "Credit Card via PayPath" and click 'Continue'.

Please note a 2.75% non-refundable service charge is added per payment and Visa is not accepted.

Carefully read the payment plan agreement and electronically sign it using the last four digits of the University ID.  Click "I Agree" and a popup window will appear.

Read the instructions and confirm the payment amount.  Click 'Continue'.  Now fill in the billing information and credit card information carefully, then click 'Continue'

Confirm the payment information you are authorizing is correct.  Click "Submit Payment".

Enrollment in the payment plan is complete!  Immediately print the payment confirmation you receive and keep it for your records.