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Travel Abroad Insurance

Why buy this insurance plan?   University of Michigan makes this insurance plan available (and requires certain individuals to purchase it) in order to reduce the impact of health problems on study, work, volunteer and travel abroad. This plan is administered by HTH Worldwide, a leader in international travel health insurance.

Who is required to buy the plan?

At UM-Ann Arbor and UM-Dearborn, undergraduates participating in UM Education Abroad (study/work/volunteer) programs that are organized by UM departments/units or for which in-residence UM credit is granted are required to buy the plan. (Travel coordinators, use the UM-Ann Arbor and UM-Dearborn International Travel Information and Registry to register your participants.)

At UM-Flint, the following groups are required to buy the plan:

  • All undergraduates participating in any international endeavor, either UM-Flint education abroad programs (study/work/volunteer) for which in-residence credit is granted or any outside (non-UM-Flint) programs.
  • All International and Global Studies (IGS)-sponsored program participants, at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • All students participating in any non-UM-Flint travel abroad program. These students will register and purchase the insurance through the UM-Flint International Travel Information and Registry

Other UM students, faculty and staff may be required to buy this plan. Inquire with your University department for details.

Who does the University recommend to buy the plan (optional)?

  • All currently enrolled students (also called registered students or students taking regular classes) at the UM (Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses) may buy the plan for health coverage while participating in study/work/volunteer programs abroad for University or leisure travel.
  • All active faculty and staff and their Eligible Dependents may buy it for the purpose of University or leisure travel abroad.

Your health insurance may cover you when you are abroad. Contact your health insurance company for benefits and how to use it outside of the US.

Retirees and alumni are not eligible to buy this plan, however the Alumni Association offers Travel Insurance Select.


Coverage (does not apply if travel for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment)

Limits per Eligible Participant

Medical Benefits

Lifetime Maximum Benefit


Policy Year Maximum Benefits


Maximum Benefit per Injury or Sicknesses


Basic Medical Expense Benefit per Injury or Sickness

Up to $500,000 Maximum: 100% of Reasonable Expenses after Deductible


$0 per Injury or Sickness

Physician Office Visits

100% of Reasonable Expenses

Inpatient Hospital Services

100% of Reasonable Expenses

Hospital and Physician Outpatient Services

100% of Reasonable Expenses

Pre-Existing Condition Limitation

The Insurer does pay benefits for loss due to a Pre-Existing Condition

Medical Benefit Limitations

Maternity Care for a Covered Pregnancy

Reasonable Expenses

Inpatient treatment of mental and nervous disorders including drug or alcohol abuse, including suicide or suicide attempts

Up to $500,000 Maximum: 100% of Reasonable Expenses

Outpatient treatment of mental and nervous disorders including drug or alcohol abuse

Up to $500,000 Maximum: 100% of Reasonable Expenses

Treatment of specified therapies, including acupuncture and Physiotherapy

Reasonable Expenses up to $5,000 Maximum combined total for Inpatient and Outpatient care, up to 30 days immediately following the attending Physician's release for rehabilitation following a covered Hospital confinement or surgery per Policy Year

Therapeutic termination of pregnancy

Reasonable Expenses up to $500 Maximum per Policy Year

Repairs to sound, natural teeth required due to an Injury

100% of Reasonable Expenses up to $500 per Policy Year

Outpatient prescription drugs including oral and Norplant contraceptives

100% of actual charge

Other Coverages

Accidental Death & Dismemberment*

Maximum Benefit: Principal Sum up to $25,000

Repatriation of Remains*

Maximum Benefit up to $100,000

Medical Evacuation*

Maximum Lifetime Benefit for all Evacuations up to $200,000

Bedside Visit/Emergency Reunion*

Up to a maximum benefit of $1,500 for the cost of one economy round-trip air fare ticket to, and the hotel accommodations in, the place of the Hospital Confinement.
In the event of the death of an immediate family member, HTH will pay up to $1,500 for an economy airfare for the participant to return home.

*Services must be arranged by HTH Worldwide or benefits do not apply

Exclusions (what the plan doesn't cover)

Unless specifically provided for elsewhere under the Participation Certificate, the Participation Certificate does not cover loss caused by or resulting from, nor is any premium charged for, any of the following:

  • When traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.
  • Expenses incurred within the Covered Person's Home Country, except as specifically stated in the certificate of insurance.
  • While traveling against the advice of a Physician, while on a waiting list for a specific treatment.
  • Preventative medicines, routine physical examinations, or any other examination where there are no objective indications of impairment in normal health.
  • Services and supplies not Medically Necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of a Sickness or Injury.
  • Surgery for the correction of refractive error and services and prescriptions for eye examinations, eye glasses or contact lenses or hearing aids, except when Medically Necessary for the Treatment of an Injury.
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery, unless they result directly from an Injury which necessitated medical treatment within 24 hours of the Accident.
  • For diagnostic investigation or medical treatment for infertility, fertility, or birth control.
  • Participating in an illegal occupation or committing or attempting to commit a felony.
  • For treatment, services, supplies or Confinement in a Hospital owned or operated by a national government or its agencies.
  • Treatment to the teeth, gums, jaw or structures directly supporting the teeth, including surgical extractions of teeth, except if caused by an Injury.
  • Expenses incurred in connection with weak, strained or flat feet, corns or calluses.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acne and sebaceous cyst.
  • Outpatient treatment for specified therapies including, but not limited to, Physiotherapy and acupuncture, which does not follow a covered Hospital Confinement or surgery.
  • Deviated nasal septum, including sub mucous resection and/or surgical correction, unless treatment is due to arises from an Injury.
  • Riding in any aircraft, except as a passenger or a regularly scheduled airline or charter flight.
  • Loss arising from participation in professional sports, scuba diving, hang gliding, parachuting, or bungee jumping unless included as part of sponsoring school's study abroad program.
  • Under the Accidental and Dismemberment provision, for loss of life or dismemberment for or arising from an Accident in the Covered Person's Home Country.

How to buy the plan

For required individuals or those enrolled as part of a group, insurance premiums will be included in your program fee and University administrators will register and purchase the plan for their participants.

For individuals who are recommended to buy the plan (optional), you can purchase the plan directly from the company after you register your trip on the UM Travel Information and Registry website for your campus:

Effective dates  Coverage will begin on the date requested in the enrollment form or the date the completed enrollment form and fees are received by HTH Worldwide, whichever is later. Coverage is effective 24 hours a day, worldwide, except when in his/her home country.

Coverage will end on the earliest of the following dates:

  • Date the participant ceases to meet eligibility requirements
  • End date requested in the enrollment form
  • First date for which premium and fees have not been paid

How to extend coverage beyond original purchase  You can extend coverage (both before and after original purchase date) if an acceptable renewal form and premium are received by HTH Worldwide before coverage ends. You can renew online at HTH Worldwide (click on University of Michigan, then authenticate with your UM uniqname and Kerberos password).

Costs  The premium is $35 for the first month and $30 for each month thereafter. Note: The plan can be purchased for a minimum of two days at $1 per day plus a $5 administrative charge.

How to file a claim  When you show your Medical Insurance ID card, doctors and hospitals usually send HTH Worldwide a bill for services your and your family receive abroad.

Sometimes a doctor or a health care facility may ask you to pay the bill, or you may need to file a claim for prescription medication. In these cases ask the doctor, hospital or pharmacy for a copy of the bill and a receipt for your payment. You will need these documents to allow HTH Worldwide to reimburse you.

To request reimbursement, you must submit a claim form, which is available on the HTH Worldwide website (see For more information for your campus link to HTH Worldwide). Instructions on filing a claim are on the back of the form.

Around-the-Clock Assistance Call Center  HTH Worldwide maintains a 24/7 call center to assist members with a wide variety of services including:

  • Locating medical care
  • Medical evacuation planning and coordination
  • Medical monitoring and referral
  • Coordination of hospital payment guarantees

In an emergency, seek appropriate medical care directly, then call HTH Worldwide for immediate assistance:

  • Inside the US, call 800-257-4823
  • Outside the US, call +1-610-254-8771 (collect)

If you require medical evacuation, you must contact HTH Worldwide in advance or your evacuation may not be eligible for reimbursement.

Definitions (selected)

Accident (Accidental) means a sudden, unexpected and unforeseen identifiable event producing at the time objective symptoms of an Injury. The Accident must occur while the Covered Person is insured under the Participation Certificate.

Covered Medical Expense means an expense actually incurred by or on behalf of a Covered Person for those services and supplies which are:

  1. Administered or ordered by a Physician;
  2. Medically Necessary to the diagnosis and treatment of an Injury or Sickness;
  3. Not excluded by any provision of the Participation Certificate; and incurred while the Covered Person's insurance is in force under the Participation Certificate, except as stated in the Extension of Benefits provision.

Covered Person means an Eligible Participant and Eligible Dependents as described in the appropriate eligibility section, for whom premium is paid and who is covered under the Participation Certificate.

Eligible Dependent: An Eligible Participant must purchase the plan for an Eligible Dependent. An Eligible Dependent may be the Eligible Participant's lawful spouse, unmarried domestic partner of any gender, or other qualified adult, and/or his/her:

  1. Unmarried child under the age of nineteen (19) years;
  2. Unmarried child who is a student under the age of twenty-five (25) years and who is financially dependent upon the parent; and
  3. Unmarried child of any age who is financially dependent upon the parent and medically determined to have a physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than twelve (12) months.

The term "child/children" includes a natural child, a legally adopted child, a stepchild, and a child who is dependent on the Eligible Participant during any waiting period prior to finalization of the child's adoption. The Eligible Dependent is one who:

  1. With a similar visa or passport, accompanies the Eligible Participant while that person is engaged in international educational activities; and
  2. Is temporarily located outside the Eligible Participant's Home Country as a non resident alien; and
  3. Has not obtained permanent residency status.

Eligible Participant means a person who:

  1. Is engaged in international educational activities; and
  2. Is temporarily located outside his/her Home Country as a non-resident alien; and
  3. Has not obtained permanent residency status.

Home Country means the Covered Person's country of domicile named on the enrollment form or the roster, as applicable. However, the Home Country of an Eligible Dependent who is a child is the same as that of the Eligible Participant.

Injury means bodily injury caused directly by an Accident. It must be independent of all other causes. To be covered, the Injury must first be treated while the Covered Person is insured under the Participation Certificate. A Sickness is not an Injury. A bacterial infection that occurs through an Accidental wound or from a medical or surgical treatment of a Sickness is an Injury.

Reasonable Expenses means the normal charge of the provider, incurred by the Covered Person, in the absence of insurance:

  1. for a medical service or supply, but not more than the prevailing charge in the area for a like service by a provider with similar training or experience, or
  2. for a supply which is identical or substantially equivalent. The final determination of a reasonable and customary charge rests solely with the Insurer.

Sickness means an illness, ailment, disease, or physical condition of a Covered Person starting while insured under the Participation Certificate.

For more information, contact:

Your UM Program Administrator (if you are required to purchase the plan)

HTH Worldwide:

  • Buy and extend the plan at HTH Worldwide (click on University of Michigan, then authenticate with your UM uniqname and Kerberos password)
  • Telephone toll-free within the US 888-243-2358
  • Telephone from abroad +1-610-254-8741
  • Email

UM Travel Information and Registry:

UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office:

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