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View of the Cathedral of  Ejmiatsin (Etchmiadzin)
View of the Ionic building at Garni

25th Anniversary of the Armenian Research Center during the 2010-2011 academic year
About the Armenian Research Center, its current Director, and founding Director
Materials on Armenia, Karabagh, and the Armenian Genocide
Selected writings of Dr. Dennis R. Papazian
Special collections of the John Vigen Der Manuelian Library, Genocide Oral History and Photo Archives, and Digital Collections of the Armenian Research Center (Our holdings are slowly being added to the campus library catalog, as our own internal database is not designed for offsite access--click here to access our campus library catalog)
Donors to the Armenian Research Center
Armenian Research Center Occasional Papers Series
Out of Turkey, plus books for exchange
The Society for Armenian Studies
Some Armenian-related graphics (gif format)
News and Recent Events of the Armenian Research Center
Students and the Armenian Research Center (and Elanjian Scholarship information)
Fast fun facts on Armenia and the Armenians
Armenian Literature
Learning Armenian
Links to other important sites

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Updated August 16, 2010

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View of Khor Virab

View of the Monastery of Geghard

View of the Ionic building at Garni

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