Acquisitions of the Armenian Research Center, Jan 1, 1996 to Jan 31, 1996

All items are books unless otherwise identified, and they are arranged, under the headings of "Purchases" and "Donations," by author.


Georgia: Urgent Update: Trial in Georgia Draws to a Close (New York, NY: Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, January 1995), 14 pages.

Return to Tajikistan: Continued Regional and Ethnic Tensions (New York, NY: Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, May 1995), 30 pages.

Russia: Partisan War in Chechnya on the Eve of the WWII Commemoration (New York, NY: Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, May 1995), 19 pages.

Anadol, Cemal. Ermeni Dosyasi (Istanbul: Turan Kitabevi, 1982), 432 pages.

Atiya, Aziz S. A History of Eastern Christianity (London: Methuen and Company Ltd, 1968), 486 pages.

Blockley, R.C. East Roman Foreign Policy: Formation and Conduct from Diocletian to Anastasius (Leeds, Great Britain: Francis Cairns, 1992), 283 pages.

Bournoutian, George. A History of the Armenian People, Volume I: Prehistory to 1500 A.D. (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Press, 1993), 119 pages.

Bournoutian, George. A History of the Armenian People, Volume II: 1500 A.D to the Present (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Press, 1994), 237 pages.

Brown, Cynthia (ed). Human Rights Watch World Report 1996: Events of 1995 (New York, NY: Human Rights Watch, 1995), 388 pages.
Secondary author: McClintock, Michael (ed)

Dailey, Erika. Human Rights in Turkmenistan (New York, NY: Helsinki Watch, July 1993), 46 pages.

Dailey, Erika. Russia: Crime or Simply Punishment? Racist Attacks by Moscow Law Enforcement (New York, NY: Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, September 1995), 32 pages.

Esposito, John L. The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality?, Second Edition (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1995), 292 pages.

Hairapetian, Srbouhi. A History of Armenian Literature: From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century (Delmar, NY: Caravan Books, 1995), 650 pages.

Kevorkian, Raymond H. Catalogue des incunables armeniens (1511/1695), ou, Chronique de l'imprimerie armenienne (Geneva: Patrick Cramer Editeur, 1986), 201 pages.

Khachatrian, A.N. (Amo Nikogosovich) (ed). Armianskoe voisko v XVIII veke: Uz Istorli Armiano-Russkogo Voennogo Sodruzhestva [The Armenian Army in the 18th Century: Pages from the History of Armenian-Russian Military Friendship] (Yerevan: Izdatelstvo Akademii Nauk Armianskoi S.S.R., 1968), 474 pages.

Kocharian, Garabed. Art in the Armenian Church: Origins and Teaching (New York, NY: St. Vartan Press, 1995), 68 pages.

Layard, Austen Henry. Nineveh and Its Remains: With an Account of a Visit to the Chaldaean Christians of Kurdistan, and Yezidis, or Devil-Worshippers (New York, NY: Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers, 1970), 299 pages.
Secondary author: Saggs, H.W.F. (ed)

Lewis, Bernard. Cultures in Conflict: Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Age of Discovery (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1995), 101 pages.

Ron, James. Weapons Transfers and Violations of the Laws of War in Turkey (New York, NY: Human Rights Watch, 1995), 171 pages.

Sakayan, Dora. Armenian Proverbs: A Paremiological Study with an Anthology of 2,500 Armenian Folk Sayings (Delmar, NY: Caravan Books, 1994), 477 pages.

Sanjian, Avedis K. The Armenian Communities in Syria Under Ottoman Dominion (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1965), 390 pages.

Simsir, Bilal N. Ingiliz Belgelerinde Osmanli Ermenileri (1856-1880) [English Records on Ottoman Armenians {1856-1880}] (Ankara: Bilgi Yayinevi, 1986), 507 pages.

Uras, Esat. The Armenians in History and the Armenian Question (Ankara: Documentary Publications, 1988), 1048 pages.
Secondary author: Kursad, Cengiz


Armenie: 3000 ans d'histoire [Armenia: 3000 Years of History] (Les Dossiers D'archeologie, No. 177, December 1992), 140 pages.

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Hearing on Chechnya (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1995), 48 pages.

Dadrian, Vahakn N. Haykakan Tsehgaspanutiwne Khorhrdaranayin ev Patmagitakan Knnarkumnerov [The Treatment of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Parliament and Its Historical Analysis] (Watertown, MA: Baikar Publications, 1995), 147 pages.

Kechichian, Joseph A. The Crisis in Azerbaijan: How Clans Influence the Politics of an Emerging Republic (Santa Monica, CA: Rand Reprints, 1995), 57-71 pages. This is an bound offprint.
Secondary author: Karasik, Theodore W.

Martin, Janet. Medieval Russia, 980-1584 (New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 1995), 450 pages.

Papazian, Dennis R. (ed). Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, Volume 6 (Dearborn, MI: Society for Armenian Studies, 1992,1993 [1995]), 288 pages.

Vartanian, Vincent. George (Detroit, MI: Vartanian Music Publishing Co., 1951), 4 pages. This is a songbook.