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Documents concerning the Churches of Tasmania and the Armenian Genocide (provided to Sofia Kostos by Stavros Stavridis, Historian/Researcher at the National Center for Hellenic Studies and Research from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia). Additional articles by Stavros Stavridis can be found here.

Cover letter from the Prime Minister's Office to the Governor General
Resolution from the Churches of Tasmania
Letter from Charles Lagoudakis requesting information on the Greek community of Australia

Documents concerning U.S. and Ottoman relations during World War I from the Australian archives, courtesy of Stavros Stavridis.

Representation of Ottoman interests in Australia during World War I
The Ottoman Empire severs relations with the United States

Mabel Elliott, Beginning Again at Ararat (New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1924)
Dr. Elliott was in Marash, and then in the Republic of Armenia as a part of Near East Relief.

Selections from an article by Ambassador Morgenthau in The Red Cross Magazine, "The Greatest Horror in History."

New York Times article on breaches in the wall of silence.

Map of Smyrna and Western Asia Minor in 1918-1919.

A Voice in the Wilderness: Monsignor Nicholas, an essay by Stavros Stavridis

Response to Genocide denial by Dr. Racho Donef, courtesy of Stavros Stavridis

Burials in the American Section of the Protestant Cemetary Ferikoy-Istanbul Turkey, courtesy of Stavros Stavridis

Faultlines in Greek America, an essay by Stavros Stavridis

Delay in the proposed Armenian Genocide Museum for Washington, D.C.

The Massacre of Chios (1822) and the Delacroix painting

A list of cities in the United States named after the famous city of Smyrna

Text of French-Nationalist Turkey Treaty of 1921 (ratification uncertain)

Franco-British correspondence concerning the 1921 Treaty

A textual analysis of The Blight of Asia

Poems of George Horton, who spent thirty years abroad representing the United States.

Last Service at St. Sophia (a paraphrase of a Greek folk song)
To My Wife

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