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Selected writings of Dr. Dennis R. Papazian

Curriculum vitae (This is a link--the University's style sheet hides it)



"The Changing American View of the Armenian Question: An Interpretation," Armenian Review 39, No. 4-156 (Winter 1986).

"Armenians," in Ethnic Groups in Michigan, Vol. 2 of The Peoples of Michigan (Detroit, MI: The Ethnos Press, 1983).

"Armenians," in The Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and the Soviet Union, Vol. 3

" `Misplaced Credulity': Contemporary Turkish Attempts to Refute the Armenian Genocide," Armenian Review 45, No. 1-2/177-178 (Spring-Summer 1992). (Revised 2001).

"Armenians in America," in Het Christelijk Oosten 52, No. 3-4 (2000).


Conference Papers

Nagorno-Karabagh and Perestroika
A paper given at a 1990 Conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.

Political Use of Oral History
A paper given at the 25th annual Oral History Association meeting, Cambridge, MA, November 9, 1990.

Artificial Intelligence
A paper given at a 1992 conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Contributions of Armenian Jerusalem to Armenians in America
A paper given at the 30th Anniversary of Armenian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1999 (soon to appear in print in the Jerusalem Armenian Studies Series). This paper also contains an extensive bibliography on Armenians and Jerusalem.

Modern Genocide: The Curse of the Nation State and Ideological Political Parties
A paper presented at the Conference on Genocide: History and Prevention, November 8-9, 2001, Vienna, Austria.


Book reviews

Review of the first volume of United States Official Documents on the Armenian Genocide

Review of Rouben Adalian's From Humanism to Rationalism

Review of Manoog Somakian's Empires in Conflict

Review of Marderos Deranian's Hussenig

Review of Edward Alexander's The Serpent and the Bee

Review of George A. Bournoutian's Russia and the Armenians of Transcaucasia, 1797-1889: A Documentary Record

Review of Richard G. Hovannisian, ed. Remembrance and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide

Review of A.E. Redgate, The Armenians

Review of Richard G. Hovannisian, ed. The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times

Review of Anny P. Bakalia, Armenian-Americans: From Being to Feeling Armenia; Keith P. Dyrud, The Quest for the Rusyn Soul: The Politics of Religion and Culture in Eastern Europe and in America, 1890-World World War I; and Myron B. Kuropas, The Ukranian Americans: Roots and Aspirations, 1884-1954



When is Genocide not Genocide? Recognising the Armenian Genocide, eighty-nine years one
This is also online as a pdf file.


Additional Writings

Yeltsin & Reform

Why the Armenian Genocide is still relevant today
This is a guest column that appeared in the April 21, 1997, issue of the Detroit Free Press



1993 Martyrs' Day Speech at Times Square

1996 Martyrs' Day Speech at Times Square


Dr. Papazian and the Armenian Church

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