Contents of JSAS 9

5 From the Editor


7 Christina Maranci, Early European Travelers and Their Contributions to the Study of Armenian Architecture

29 Levon Chookaszian, Once Again on the Subject of Prince Lewon's Portrait

45 Tom Sinclair, The Use of the Colophons and Minor Chronicles in the Writing of Armenian and Turkish History

55 Michael B. Papazian, The Authorship of an Armenian Commentary on Aristotle's Prior Analytics

63 James R. Russell, A Scholium on Coleridge and an Armenian Demon

73 Jasmine Dum-Tragut, Armenian Nounphrases: The Typological Correlation Between Word-Order and Nounphrases

87 George A. Bournoutian, The Russian Archives and Armenian History

99 Rubina Peroomian, Literary Manifestations of Resistance to the Armenian Genocide: A Comparative Analysis of the Jewish and Armenian Cases

111 Nélida Boulgourdjian-Toufeksian, The Armenian Church and the School Network in Buenos Aires: Channels for the Preservation of Identity (1930-1960)

Book Reviews

125 Auron, Yair, ha-Banaliyut shel ha-adishut: yahas ha-yishuv ha-Yehudi be-Erets-Yisra'el veha-tenu'ah ha-Tsiyonit le-retsah-ha-'am ha-Armeni (The Banality of Indifference: The Relation of the Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel and the Zionist Movement to the Armenian Genocide).
Richard A. Webster

127 Baghdasarian, Nazeli, Conversations with Ara Baliozian.
Stephan Zeytountsian

128 Balakian, Nona, The World of William Saroyan.
David Stephen Calonne

130 Balakian, Peter and Nevart Yaghlian, trans., Bloody News from My Friend: Poems by Siamanto.
Lorne Shirinian

133 Binayan Carmona, Narciso, Entre el pasado y el futuro: Los armenios en la Argentina.
Vartan Matiossian

138 Bournoutian, George A., trans., The Chronicle of Abraham of Crete (Patmut'iwn of Kat'oghikos Abraham Kretats'i.
Abraham of Erevan, History of the Wars, 1721-1738.
James J. Reid

141 Bournoutian, George A., Russia and the Armenians of Transcaucasia, 1797-1889: A Documentary Record.
Dennis R. Papazian

143 Burdett, Anita L.P., ed., Armenia: Political and Ethnic Boundaries, 1878-1948.
George Bournoutian

145 Dadoyan, Seta B., The Fatimid Armenians: Cultural and Political Interaction in the Near East.
George Bournoutian

147 Der Mugrdechian, Bob, Anooshavan the Intrepid Survivor.
Anahide Ter Minassian

149 Floor, Willem, A Fiscal History of Iran in the Safavid and Qajar Periods, 1500-1925.
George Bournoutian

150 Ghazarian, Vatche, ed. and trans., Boghos Nubars' Papers and the Armenian Question, 1915-1918: Documents.
Akaby Nassibian

152 Hovannisian, Richard G., ed. Remembrance and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide.
Dennis R. Papazian

154 Matévossian, A. Le scriptorium de Métzopavank aux XIIe-XVe siècles.
Edda Vardanyan

157 Mathews, Thomas and Roger S. Wieck, eds., Treasures in Heaven: Armenian Art, Religion, and Society.
Lynn Jones

161 National Commission on the 80th Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, Problems of Genocide: Proceedings of the International Conference on "Problems of Genocide," April 21-23, 1995, National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
Chorbajian, Levon and George Shirinian, eds., Studies in Comparative Genocide.
Joseph Kechichian

165 Norashkharian, Shant, Beyond the Red Sea: Collected Poems, 1988-1998.
Mary A. Papazian

167 Prinzing, Günter and Andrea Schmidt, eds., Das Lemberger evangelier: Eine wiederentdeckte armenische Bilderhandschrift des 12. Jahrhunderts.
Robert W. Thomson

169 Sakayan, Dora, trans., An Armenian Doctor in Turkey, Garabed Hatcherian: My Smyrna Ordeal of 1922.
Khacherean, Karapet, Zmiwrniakan arkatsners 1922-in.
Rubina Peroomian

172 Shirinian, Lorne, History of Armenia and Other Fiction.
Shirinian, Lorne, Rough Landing.
Mary A. Papazian

175 Stone, Nira, The Kaffa Lifes of the Desert Fathers: A Study in Armenian Manuscript Illumination.
Levon Chookaszian

177 Syme, Ronald, Anatolica: Studies in Strabo.
R.H. Hewsen

180 Ter Minassian, Anahide, Histoires croisées: Diaspora, Arménie, Transcaucasie, 1880-1990.
Hervé Georgelin

182 Uluhogian, Gabriella, ed., P'awstos Buzand Storia degli Armeni.
Edward G. Mathews, Jr.

184 Walker, Christopher J., ed., Visions of Ararat: Writings on Armenia.
Ara Baliozian

185 Ye'or, Bat, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude: Seventh-Twentieth Century.
István Ormos

189 Correspondence

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