Sarah Kurtjian

Sarah Kurtjian
Lead Teacher (2-4 Years Old)


Sarah Kurtjian has been with the ECEC since 2006 and has been a lead teacher for three years.  She started working as an undergraduate staff member at the ECEC before becoming a lead teacher.  Sarah is a graduate of the UM-Dearborn with a B.A. in Education and minors in Science and Mathematics. She is currently working on her Master's degree in Education.

Before teaching at the ECEC, Sarah was a dance teacher for many years.  She loves animals and enjoys her classroom guinea pigs as much as her children.  She enjoys baking, creating new things, music, movies and good food.  Sarah enjoys working with her sister, who is right next door to her.  She and her family enjoy taking trips up north to their property near Gaylord.

Key Conference Presentations

  • Inquiry Learning with Playgrounds - MiAEYC, 2010
  • Beyond the ABC's: Using the iPad in the Classroom - MiAEYC, 2012