Adopt-a-Habitat is a volunteer environmental stewardship opportunity for people interested in preserving and enhancing the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Environmental Study Area by adopting a small, pre-selected habitat within this 300+ acre space. A minimum of four yearly outdoor work days is requested. Under the guidance of a Center naturalist or UM-D student intern, your onsite volunteer activities may include the following:


  • Removing Invasive Plants.
  • Collecting and propagating the seeds of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers to eventually transplant into your adopted plot. Nurturing the reestablishment of selected native plants in your plot to help improve habitat health and function.
  • Nurturing the reestablishment of selected native plants in your plot to help improve habitat health and function.


Benefits to your group will include:


  • Direct, hands-on instruction and involvement in restoring ecological health to a local natural area.
  • Periodic, seasonal explorations of your plot with a Center naturalist to learn about its plant and animal life.
  • Ongoing opportunities to observe and assess how nature responds to your plot habitat management and ecological restoration activities.
  • Developing an intimate connection with the natural community of life in and around your plot space.


Your habitat improvement efforts will also benefit your community by:


  • Providing a demonstration piece for thousands of local school children to learn about invasive species, wildlife habitat management, and ecological restoration through the Center’s educational programs.
  • Offering continued opportunities for visitors to directly observe and experience “real Michigan” native habitats that are characteristic to our region.
  • Maintaining important natural processes that help keep our air, soil, and water healthy, and our surroundings biologically diverse.
  • Fostering a community wildlife conservation ethic.


Children must be at least 10 years old to participate. Group size is limited to 20, including adults. For more information, contact Rick Simek, the Center’s Natural Areas Manager, at (313) 583-6371, or by e-mail at



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