Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Applying for Summer Financial Aid

Summer 2015 Application for Financial Aid

The Summer Term at UM-Dearborn is primarily composed of three enrollment periods:  Summer Full (classes May-August), Summer I (classes May-June), and Summer II (classes July-August). 

For Summer 2015, students must complete or have completed the 2014-2015 FAFSA  (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  If a student has received federal financial aid during either the Fall 2014 or Winter 2015 Semesters, the correct FAFSA is on file for Summer 2015 financial aid.                                                                                                                  .

Additive credit cannot be used to establish financial aid enrollment.

The deadline for submission of the Summer Financial Aid Application is August 7, 2015 for students taking classes in Summer II and Summer Full.  Students enrolled in Summer I only must submit their application by June 20, 2015.


3-Step Process

1.     Register for your Summer Semester classesóRemember that you must enroll at least  
        half-time (6 credits for undergraduates and 4 credits for graduates) for loan
        eligibility.  Summer Semester enrollment requirements for federal loans are the same
        as the requirements in the Fall and Winter Semesters.

2.     Once your Summer Semester schedule is finalized, complete and submit  the 2015                  Summer Financial Aid Application.

3.     Submit your Summer Financial Aid Application preferably using the scan station.  You 
        may also fax, email, or submit the application in person at the Enrollment Services                   counter.

Please note that incomplete applications, students enrolled less than half-time or who have additional documents required will not be processed until all enrollment and financial aid document requirements are complete.

Summer Loan Disbursements

First disbursements are available to students who have completed all requirements and have received an award email including Summer awards from the Office of Financial Aid.  Please allow a minimum of two weeks to process a Summer 2015 Financial Aid Application.

Students enrolled in full 16 week classes (at least half-time)

  • First disbursement:                                                           April 29, 2015   
    * e-refunds within 5 days/ checks within 14 days

Students enrolled in Summer I (at least half-time)

  • First disbursement:                                                           April 29, 2015

    *e-refunds within 5 days/ checks within 14 days

Students enrolled in Summer I and Summer II (at least half-time)

  • First disbursement                                                            April 29,, 2015
    *e-refunds within 5 days/ checks within 14 days
  • Second disbursement                                                       June 29, 2015
    *e-refunds within 5 days/ checks within 14 days

Students enrolled in Summer II only (at least half-time)                 

  • First disbursement                                                             June 29, 2015
    *e-refunds within 5 days/ checks within 14 days

Refunds may be delayed if you have dropped or added a class.  Funds will be held to cover wait listed classes.

Dropping classes in the Summer Semester is not treated the same way as dropping classes in the Fall or Winter Semesters.  If you register for Summer I and Summer  II classes, but drop your Summer II classes, the Office of Financial Aid is required to treat this as a withdrawal.  With the Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculation, you may not be eligible for your second disbursement.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions prior to withdrawal.

Types of Aid Available for Summer


  • Federal Pell Grant-based on eligibility and fund availability. (If you received Federal Pell Grant for full-time enrollment for both the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 Semesters, you will have no Federal Pell Grant eligibility for Summer Semester 2015.)


  • Federal Direct Loan
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loan
  • Federal Direct PLUS-Graduate Loan
  • Alternative or Private Loans


Important considerations

  • The number of months you enroll could impact how much you can borrow.  A Summer I or II only as a term of enrollment has fewer months of enrollment and lesser costs in room and board as well as miscellaneous and personal expenses.
  • Federal student loan aggregate maximums can impact loan eligibility.
    • Dependent undergraduates can borrow up to $31,000 (no more than $23,000 in subsidized loans).
    • Independent undergraduates can borrow up to $57,500 (no more than $23,000 in subsidized loans).
    • Graduate students can borrow up to $138,500 and includes both undergraduate and graduate borrowing.
  • Students who have been awarded select UM-Dearborn Scholarships (Chancellorís, Deanís, Maize and Blue, Detroit Compact, Wade McCree,  Transfer, Opportunity, and any other eligible university scholarship) are able to authorize the scholarshipís use on the Summer Financial Aid Application.  Use of the scholarship will be counted as one term of eligibility used. For terms and conditions of scholarships, please visit

For terms and conditions of awards, please visit