Financial Aid

Winter Semester Financial Aid Information

Book Voucher Process

On Monday, December 15, 2014, the Office of Financial and Scholarships began sending eligible students a courtesy electronic book store voucher.  If you are eligible, you will automatically be notified via your university email.

First Round of Book Vouchers

  • Available from December 15th through December 29th.

Second Round of Book Vouchers

  • Available from January 5th through January 16th.

Order books online at to begin shopping.

Book Voucher Conditions:

  • Only available to students whose financial aid disbursement will cover all Student Account charges for the term and the amount of the Book Voucher.
  • Only available to students whose financial aid application and corresponding requirements are complete and awaiting disbursement (e.g., accepted awards, Promissory Notes, and Entrance Counseling requirements have been submitted.)
  • Not available to those whose financial aid application is not complete.
  • Not available to students who have already received their disbursement.

These funds would be an advance on your refund.  If you do not use them at the bookstore, you would receive any refunds after they are processed by Student Accounts.

Disbursement Details

  •  Initial awards are based on the assumption of full-time enrollment.
  • Undergraduate students enrolled less than full-time (12 or more credits), but at least half-time (6 credits) will need their awards reviewed and revised before disbursement will occur.
  • Graduate students enrolled at least half-time (4 or more credits), who have processed aid, will automatically have funds disburse without enrollment confirmation.
  • Grant awards will automatically prorate to the actual enrollment level (e.g., 25% for 3/4-time enrollment or 50% for 1/2-time enrollment).
  • Students who add classes after their financial aid has disbursed may credit a Student Account balance that will have to be paid by the student.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit if you are expecting a refund.  Direct deposits (E-refunds) are processed before mailed checks.


Important Dates

  • 1/2/15   -  First Winter 2015 disbursement*
  • 1/5/15   -  Winter 2015 classes begin
  • 1/16/15 -  Last Day to Add/Drop courses without financial penalty
  • 1/19/15 -  Second Winter 2015 disbursement*
    •  Monday and Thursday disbursements thereafter
  • 1//21/15 -  Winter 2015 Tuition Due

*  - e-Refunds arrive within 5 days, checks within 14 days

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

The results of the Fall SAP calculation will be available the week of January 12, 2015.  Please log into UM-Dearborn Connect to view your updated standing.

  • You may have previously received a financial aid award for the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 semesters.  However, at the conclusion of the Fall 2014 semester, if your SAP status recalculates as ineligible, the previously awards funds will not disburse.
  • It is necessary to appeal the termination of your financial aid, the appeal form needs to be submitted with 45 days of the start of the term.
  • All changes to one's class schedule must be officially recorded via the Office of Records and Registration (at Enrollment Services).
  • Drops, withdrawals, or walking away from classes may have a negative impact on one's SAP status (and therefore on financial aid eligibility).

You may review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines here.

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