UM-Dearborn Connect

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PIN Information


To obtain your PIN:

a) In person at the Office of Registration and Records (1169 UC). Photo ID is required.

b) Per your request (via e-mail to:, we will e-mail your PIN to you at your UM-D e-mail address only.

To change your PIN:

Go to UM-Dearborn Connect ( Click on Enter Secure Area. Enter your User ID (your 8-digit EMPL ID) and PIN. Click Login. Click on Personal Information; click on Change your PIN. You may then change your PIN to a preferred number (please do not use your birth date).

Forgot PIN:

If you have previously accessed the system, you were required to enter a security Question and Answer in the event that you forgot your PIN. If you have completed the Q&A, you may do the following to gain access to the system without contacting the Office of Registration and Records: Go to the Banner Web for Faculty site ( Click on Enter Secure Area. Enter your User ID (your 8-digit EMPL ID); click Forgot PIN? Answer the security question that you previously entered. Click Submit Answer. You will be required to change your PIN at this time. Enter a new PIN.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Registration & Records via phone (3-6500) or e-mail (