The Mission of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Office of Facilities Planning is to use our expertise and resources to program, design, and construct a quality physical environment which supports to campus community's quest to achieve full academic potential. We pursue these tasks with deliberate attention to matters of safety, aesthetics, functionality, and budget with a commitment to the integrity of the total campus design. 

Modular Research Laboratories

As the Science Building undergoes renovations, Facilities Planning and Natural Sciences worked together to identify appropriate space for all of the displaced functions.  We were able to accommodate nearly all of the funcgtions in existing buildings.  Three chemistry faculty and two biology faculty now call the state of the art Modular Research Laboratories (MRL), their temporary home.  The complex consists of two laboratory modules and a restroom module.  Each laboratory has two fume hoods, chemical storage and general storage cabinets, countertops, sinks, air/gas, and eyewash/showers.  Faculty will be able to continue their research in the MRL until the Science Building - and their permanent laboratories - reopen next fall.