Facilities Management


Skilled Trades: Jerry Van Couwenberghe, Trades Manager

Perform various building repairs, replacement, or installation of fixtures or furnishings; replace or repair ceiling or floor tiles, electrical cords, switches, motors or plumbing fixtures; inspect, adjust and lubricate equipment; braze, solder and assemble fixtures or equipment; replace parts, fuses, washers or seals, fabricate or repair shelves, doors and other building fixtures. In addition; renovations, alterations, or improvements to existing building structures, grounds, facilities, etc. are managed by this group.

Electrician: To perform complex electrical work in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, fixtures and wiring. Maintain site lighting, fire alarm, and security systems. Install equipment and monitor power meters (licensed journeyman or master electrician).

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning): To operate, service, and maintain direct expansion and steam absorption air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; operate, service, and maintain associated heat transfer systems including chilled water pumps; piping and coils; cooling towers and condenser water pumps and piping; air handling units; pneumatic, electrical, DDC and electronic control systems; valves, instrumentation and auxiliary equipment. (All HVAC personnel are licensed journeymen).

Plumber: To assemble, install and repair piping, fixtures and equipment used in the distribution and drainage of water and water-carried wastes, air and gas. Service and maintain water treatment systems. Repair and service steam piping, lab gas compressors, fire pumps, and water and sewer mains. (The plumber holds a masterís license and multiple certifications).

Building Services: Kevin Headrick, Manager

Surface clean and/or wax furniture, mirrors, Venetian blinds, toilet rooms and fixtures; vacuum, sweep, and dust floors; stock restroom supplies and maintain an inventory of supplies; collect and transport waste materials; shampoo carpets and clean upholstery; strip and wax floors; shovel snow or ice from entrances; clean grounds; unplug commodes, urinals, and sinks without dismantling fixtures; mop wet floors and stairs; operate mechanical cleaning equipment.


Landscape & Grounds Services: Keith Sudak, Manager

Maintain grounds by mowing, weeding, cultivating, raking, and pruning shrubs, grass or plant ground cover; clean and maintain parking lots; install street posts and signs; maintain plant beds using fertilizers and observing and reporting diseases; shovel snow or other materials; load and unload trucks; and transport refuse or other materials.


Plant Operations: Gary Taylor, Associate Director

Boiler and Refrigeration Operator: Operate and maintain low pressure steam plant and steam distribution system. Perform chemical treatment for central steam plant boiler water. Prepare boilers for annual state inspections and clean boilers. Repair and overhaul smaller boilers throughout campus. Operate large chillers and cooling towers, schedule HVAC systems by computer or other means. Inspect all mechanical equipment rooms once per shift for proper operation. Inspect and replace all air filters on air handlers. Troubleshoot building systems after hours. (All operators maintain licenses to operate this equipment).